Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-ab* unb rel itg Ability to perform the action described by the source base. Ability
abakew* rel abe sta itg Dustlessness, cleanness.
-abew* rel abe sta itg Lack of ability to do the action described by the source base.
abib* act To flower, bloom. Production of external structures. Flowering
adal* subj pos rel m itg Virtue. See Probity, Repute. Virtue
ækur* act m itg Torture. Torture
ækwi* abs sta itg Equality. Equality
æmlosi* act m itg Rivalry, opposition, jealousy, envy. Opponent
æmol* act m itg Emulation, striving to equality.
æq* rel act m itg Direction. Direction (Voluntary Action)
-æq* m itg Sickness, disease, malfunction.
æqew* rel abe sta itg Lack of guidance or direction. Direction (Voluntary Action)
ærew* abe sta m itg Lack of air, deprivation of air, suffocation.
æst* m itg Summer, summertime. Summer
æþorg* des rel ess sta m itg Desire for alcohol.
æv* m itg Time. Time
ak* a: unb pos rel ess sta Sharp. Sharpness
neaki* rel ess sta m itg Bluntness. Bluntness
akism* act m itg Feigned disinterest in something while actually desiring it. Agent of Desire
-akj* act m itg > act m itg Instigation to the modified action. Instigation
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