Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abœk* fac dis tg Monastery. Literally abode for clergy. Monastery, Abbey
ækœk* fac dis tg Torture chamber.
almœk* act fac dis tg School, university, college. Facility of education. Education
ambikœk* fac dis tg Refinery, still, alembic.
balnœk* fac dis tg Bathroom; bathhouse. Bath
bovatoritorj* gen fac dis tg Slaughterhouse, butcher.
buœk* fac dis tg House. Freestanding abode of permanent habitation. House
daras* fac dis tg School. Particularly one of theology or spirituality; madrassah. School
drom* fac dis tg Facility intended for racing: Racecourse, race track.
edœk* fac dis tg Restaurant. Facility for eating. Restaurant
farmakoritorj* act fac dis tg Pharmacy. Dispensary of medicine. Medicine
fyœk* fac dis tg Botanical garden.
genitorj* fac dis tg Factory.
jakobœk* fac dis tg Abode for overclothing. Coat room, closet that is primarily used for storing coats and other such apparel. Overclothing
jolœk* dis tg Inn. Abode of conviviality. Inn
kakitorj* act fac dis tg Restroom. Facility for excretion. Excretion
kolumbœk* fac dis tg Dovehouse, columbarium. Abode
krypt* fac dis tg Vault, tomb, crypt, grotto. Burial Place
latritorj* fac dis tg Facility of worship. A place where a god or deity is worshiped expressly through prayer, the reading of scriptures or sacred rituals. Temple
masqid* fac dis tg Facility of worship. Temple
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