Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abakos* rel ess sta Dusty.
aban* ess sta "Son of the father," Barabbas. Names, Titles and Greetings
abir* masc fig ess sta "Father."
abiß* fem fig ess sta "Pastor, leader."
-abos* rel ess sta Having the ability to do the action described by the source base.
-ac* (bio) (ess sta) dis tg Constructor for biological family names.
acos* rel ess sta Having acid, acidic. Acid
adaliß* n: fem ess sta dis tg Adela, Adele, Adelaide. Names, Titles and Greetings
adalir* n: masc ess sta dis tg Masculine short name for names beginning with or containing adal*.
adalofuns* ess sta "Noble and ready", Alfonso, Alfonse. Names, Titles and Greetings
adalibert* ess sta Albert, Elmer, Latin Albertum.
adalowin* ess sta "Noble friend," Æðelwine, Alvin.
adel* neg rel sta Unknown, obscure. Obscurity
adon* ess "Lord," "father," Adonai; the Greek god Adonis. Greek & Latin Gods
adur* ess sta Hadria, Adria, Atri. Italy
æd* fig ess sta "Fire," Aodh, Aidan, Aiden. Fire
ækw* abs ess sta Equal. Equality
-ækw* abs ess sta Equal according to some measurement.
-æm* n > abs ess sta Copy of, imitation of.
ænor* n: ess sta Aenor, Eleanor. Names, Titles and Greetings
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