Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
æn* dis itg Riddle, puzzle, enigma. Enigma
-æt* dis itg Event, instance of action Time
ajr* dis itg The early part of the day after sunrise; morning. Parts of the Day
alæt* dis itg Adulthood. Period that one is an adult.
amæt* dis itg A friendship, a relationship, a bond between two people, courtship. Friendship
anþrop* abs dis itg Personal identity, personality. Personality
aprembr* spec ev April. Months
avæt* dis itg Flight. Ascent
awqustembr* spec ev August.
awror* dis act itg Dawn, sunrise, daybreak. Parts of the Day
awtumn* spec m itg Autumn. Autumn
ban* dis itg Prohibition. Denial of permission. Prohibition
belæt* act dis itg Battle, fight, competition, contest, match, game. Instance of antagonism.
bjivj* dis itg Way of living, lifestyle.
ble* dis itg Question. Question
bonoq* rel pos ev Good deed.
brit* act m itg Covenant. Compact
brum* n: dis itg Winter solstice.
cen* dis act itg Meal. Meal
cervik* abs mer ess sta dis itg Normal narrowness within a greater whole. Such as the neck or the cervix of the uterus. Narrowness
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