Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abakod* rel dat ac To (give) dust (to).
-abod* rel dat ag To give the ability to do the action described by the verb sense of the modified base. Ability
adipod* v: dat ag To fatten.
æqod* dat ag To guide, direct. Direction (Voluntary Action)
ærod* dat ag To aerate. Air
akif* unb pos rel cau ag To sharpen. Sharpness
aktod* dat ag To irradiate. Radioactivity
akwod* dat ag To water, hydrate. Does not mean "to make wet." Water
almod* dat ag To educate, teach. Direct object is the student. Education
ankod* dat ac To stress, tighten, constrict, cause pain to. Pain
armid* dat tr To arm.
asjod* rel dat tr To ease. Ease
awd* dat tr To detect, perceive, feel.
awksod* dat ac To aid, help, assist, support, minister to. Ministry
awrod* dat tr To apply gold to, gild.
awksod* rel dat tr To aid, support, assist. Aid
banod* neg dat tr To ban, prohibit, banish, curse. Prohibition
bjid* dat tr To bring to live, vivify.
bonod* subj unb pos rel dat ac To give goodness (to), make better, improve.
brod* rel dat tr To add weight, make heavy. Gravity
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