Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ækwift* abs cau pa To equalize, balance. Equality
æroft* cau pa To become gas, vaporize, sublimate. Vaporization
albift* rel cau pa To become pale (from/by). Achromatism
alift* abs cau pa To become an adult, grow up. Adulthood
aqorift* cau pa Hired, employed, rented (by/from).
arift* rel cau pa To dry out (from/by). Dryness
belqift* incr cau pa To become inflated (by/from), inflate, balloon. Inflation
bindift* cau pa To become bundled with something else. Assemblage
blankift* abs cau pa To become blank (by/from), lose all color. Achromatism
bradift* rel neg cau pa To slow down, decelerate. Deceleration
damift* rel cau pa To become tame (by/from), be tamed (by/from). Servant
dremift* neg cau pa To become inactive, go dormant, go to sleep (by). Repose
dunift* cau pa To form into dunes (from/by). Dune
firmift* pos rel cau pa To firm up (from/by), stiffen (from/by).
ft* const cau pa To be caused to be or do (noun modified) by someone else (direct object); to become.
ftur* ab cau act m itg Causative passive action.
gelift* abs cau pa To coagulate, congeal. To change from a soft or fluid state to a rigid or solid state. Coagulation
gembift* abs cau pa To crystallize.
infrift* neg rel cau pa To be demoted.
klarift* rel cau pa To become clear (from/by).
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