Definition Denotes biological entities by general name, body structure or appearance.
Taxonomy class:bio class:dis class:tg
Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abj* bio dis tg Genus Abies. Fir. Abies
ablarb* bio dis tg Genus Malus. Apple tree. Malus
absinþ* bio dis tg Artemisia absinthium, wormwood. Artemisia
-ac* (bio) (ess sta) dis tg Constructor for biological family names.
acr* bio dis tg Genus Acer. Maple. Acer
-æl* (bio) dis tg Constructor for members of suborder Caniformia. Caniformia
ælur* bio dis tg Family Ailuridae. Red panda. Ailuridae
afrekw* bio dis tg Equus africanus. African wild ass. Equus
afriþerj* bio dis tg Superorder Afrotheria. Afrotheria
ajk* bio dis tg Genus Aix. Aix
akwil* bio dis tg Family Accipitridae. Eagle, hawk. Accipitridae
alk* bio dis tg Genus Alces. Moose, Eurasian elk. Alces
aln* bio dis tg Genus Alnus. Alder. Alnus
aluan* bio dis tg Family Haliotidae. Abalone. Haliotidae
alzate* bio dis tg Genus Alzatea. Alzatea
alzateac* bio dis tg Family Alzateaceae. Alzateaceae
amarj* bio dis tg Genus Hippeastrum. Amaryllis. Hippeastrum
amf* bio dis tg Class Amphibia. Amphibian. Amphibia
amyqdalarb* bio dis tg Subgenus Amygdalus. Almond and peach trees. Amygdalus
anat* bio dis tg Family Anatidae. Waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans). Anatidae
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