Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
almœk* act fac dis tg School, university, college. Facility of education. Education
amir* act dis tg Master, particular a military or naval commander. Master
aþliq* act tg Athlete. Athlete
awrork* act tg Goldsmith.
baqj* dis tg Prostitute. Prostitute
bewd* act dis tg Messenger. Messenger
ʃæx* act dis tg Elder, chief, sheik. Master
ðætj* act dis tg Cause. Cause
fakir* act dis tg Beggar. Beggar
farmakoritorj* act fac dis tg Pharmacy. Dispensary of medicine. Medicine
gin* act dis tg Demon, jinni. Demon
hun* act dis tg Combatant, warrior, soldier. Combatant
imam* act dis tg (v) To lead prayer or worship.
(n) Imam.
Religious Affections
islamiq* act dis tg Muslim. Specific Religions
jaqon* act dis tg To hunt. (nm) Jager, Jaeger, Yeager.
kakitorj* act fac dis tg Restroom. Facility for excretion. Excretion
kok* act dis tg Rooster cackle. Specific Sounds
latror* gen dis tg Worshiper. Worshiper
nanþ* act dis itg Exploit. Display of courage. Courage
navoq* act dis tg Sailor.
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