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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-abolv* rel abl pa To lose the ability to do the action described by the source base.
adipolv* v: abl pa To lose body fat.
ærolv* abl pa To be deprived of air (by/from), suffocate.
ævolv* abl pa To lose time (from/by), run out of time. Time
neakift* rel cau pa To lose sharpness (by/due to), become blunt (by/due to).
akwolv* abl pa To dehydrate, dry out. Dryness
armolv* abl pa To lose a limb.
armimp* abl tr To disarm.
asjolv* rel abl pa To lose ease, become more difficult. Difficulty
barbolv* abl pa To lose hair. Hair
bjolv* abl pa To lose life, die.
celerolv* rel neg abl pa To slow down, decelerate. Deceleration
ðolv* ab abl pa Ablative patient.
sistolv* abl pa To come out of existence (from/by/due to), be destroyed.
fawstolv* v: abl pa To lose luck.
fetolv* abs abl pa To lose one's fetus, have a miscarriage, have an abortion.
foljolv* abl pa To shed leaves.
foljemp* abl tr To defoliate.
fortolv* ab unb pos rel abl term tr To lose strength, weaken (by). Weakness
frolv* rel abl pa To cool down, deactivate.
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