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"ʃ*","Deliverance, salvation, hosanna.","Semitic wṯʕ","rel act m itg"," ","Religious Affections"
"-ab*","Ability to perform the action described by the source base.","IE *ghabh-","unb rel itg"," ","Ability"
"ab*","To pastor, lead (in a spiritual sense).","Semitic ʔb","v: 2v ag dis tg"," ","Clergy"
"abak*","Chaff, dust.","Semitic ʔbq > Greek abax, abak-","abs ess sta m tg","Unimportant essive of littleness. ","Chaff"
"abakemp*","To (remove) dust (from).","abak* + -emp*","rel abl ag"," ",""
"abakempuraq*","Instrument that removes chaff. Duster, vacuum cleaner.","abakemp* + -ur* + -aq*","abl inst dis tg"," ",""
"abakew*","Dustlessness, cleanness.","abak* + -ew*","rel abe sta itg"," ",""
"abakod*","To (give) dust (to).","abak* + d*","rel dat ac"," ",""
"abakos*","Dusty.","abak* + -os*","rel ess sta"," ",""
"ɣabal*","Received doctrine or tradition.","Semitic qbl > Hebrew qabbālâ","m itg"," ","Orthodoxy"
"aban*",""Son of the father," Barabbas.","ab* + -an*.","ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"ʃabat*","Day of rest, period of rest, sabbath, sabbatical; weekend.","Semitic šbt","dis itg"," ",""
"-abemp*","To take (away) the ability to do the action described by the source base.","-ab* + -emp*","rel abl ac"," ",""
"-abend*","To receive the ability to do the action described by the source base.","-ab* + -end*","rel dat pa"," ",""
"-abew*","Lack of ability to do the action described by the source base.","-ab* + -ew*","rel abe sta itg"," ",""
"abib*","To flower, bloom.","Semitic ʔbb > Hebrew ʔābîb","act","Production of external structures. ","Flowering"
"abiburm*","Blossom.","abib* + -ur* + -m*","res dis tg"," ",""
"abir*",""Father."","ab* + -ir*","masc fig ess sta"," ",""
"abiß*",""Pastor, leader."","ab* + -iß*","fem fig ess sta"," ",""
"abj*","Genus Abies.","IE *h₂eps-eh₂- "aspen" > Latin abiēs"," bio dis tg","Fir. ","Abies"
"abl*","Apple.","IE *h₂ébl̥, *h₂ebōl"," dis tg","Specifically the fruit of genus Malus. ","Fruit"
"ablarb*","Genus Malus.","abl* + -arb*","bio dis tg","Apple tree. ","Malus"
"ablodr*","Apple juice.","abl* + -odr*","m tg"," ",""
"-abod*","To give the ability to do the action described by the verb sense of the modified base.","-ab* + d*","rel dat ag"," ","Ability"
"abœk*","Monastery.","ab* + -œk*","fac dis tg","Literally abode for clergy. ","Monastery, Abbey"
"-abolv*","To lose the ability to do the action described by the source base.","-ab* + lv*","rel abl pa"," ",""
"-abor*","To give others the ability to perform the action indicated by the base.","-ab* + r*","v: rel gen act"," ","Ability"
"-abos*","Having the ability to do the action described by the source base.","-ab* + -os*","rel ess sta"," ",""
"absinþ*","Artemisia absinthium, wormwood.","Greek apsinthion","bio dis tg"," ","Artemisia"
"absinþodr*","Absinthe.","absinþ* + -odr*","der tg"," ",""
"-ac*","Constructor for biological family names.","Latin -āceus "of a certain kind"","(bio) (ess sta) dis tg"," ",""
"ac*","Acid.","IE *ak- > *ak-ē- > Latin acēre","tg"," ","Acid"
"acet*","Vinegar, acetic acid.","IE *ak- > *ak-ēto-","m tg"," ","Sourness"
"acontent*","Antacid.","ac* + nt* + -ent*","act m itg"," ","Matter"
"acor*","To emit acid.","ac* + r*","gen act"," ","Acid"
"acos*","Having acid, acidic.","ac* + -os*","rel ess sta"," ","Acid"
"acr*","Genus Acer.","Latin acer"," bio dis tg","Maple. ","Acer"
"(-)ad*","At, to.","IE *ad-","all"," ","Position & Location"
"adal*","Virtue.","Germanic adal","subj pos rel m itg","See Probity, Repute. ","Virtue"
"adalibert*","Albert, Elmer, Latin Albertum.","adal* + bert*","ess sta"," ",""
"adalibertanj*","Alberta.","adalibert* + -anj*","spec loc dis tg"," ","Canada"
"adalir*","Masculine short name for names beginning with or containing adal*.","adal* + -ir*","n: masc ess sta dis tg"," ",""
"adaliß*","Adela, Adele, Adelaide.","adal* + -iß*","n: fem ess sta dis tg"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"adalofuns*",""Noble and ready", Alfonso, Alfonse.","adal* | funs*","ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"adalowin*",""Noble friend," Æðelwine, Alvin.","adal* | win*","ess sta"," ",""
"adam*","Man, human being. Adam.","Semitic ʔdm","n: ess sta dis tg","Particularly in the sense of being a creature of God. ","Person"
"adel*","Unknown, obscure.","Greek adēlos","neg rel sta"," ","Obscurity"
"aden*","Gland.","IE *engʷ-,*h1engʷ- > Greek adēn","dis tg"," ","Gland"
"aderq*","To go to, go towards, approach.","ad* + -erq*","all ac"," ","Approach"
"adip*","Body fat.","Latin adeps/adip-","m tg"," ","Lipid"
"adipend*","To gain body fat.","adip* + -end*","v: dat pa"," ",""
"adipod*","To fatten.","adip* + d*","v: dat ag"," ",""
"adipolv*","To lose body fat.","adip* + lv*","v: abl pa"," ",""
"adiposult*","Obese.","adip* + -os* + -ult*","a: ext dat"," ",""
"adivj*","Direction to.","ad* + vj*","ab all loc"," ",""
"adon*",""Lord," "father," Adonai; the Greek god Adonis.","Semitic ʔd > Phoenician *ʔadōn","ess"," ","Greek & Latin Gods"
"ador*","Cereal.","IE *h₂éd-es- > Latin ador","m tg"," ","Food"
"adur*","Hadria, Adria, Atri.","Illyrian adur "water, sea"","ess sta"," ","Italy"
"adurezer*","Adriatic Sea.","adur* + -ezer*","spec loc dis tg"," ","Europe"
"adurir*","Hadrian, Adrian.","adur* + -ir*","masc ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"aduriß*","Adrienne.","adur* + -iß*","fem ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"ɣæ*","The Hilinqwo letter Ɣ.","Consonant Letter Convention","spec dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"ʃæ*","1. The Hilinqwo letter Ʃ.
2. The Latin letter esh (Ʃ,ʃ).","Consonant Base Convention","spec dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"æ+","Ever.","IE *aiw-"," "," ",""
"æd*","Building, structure.","Latin ædis","res dis tg","A result of production. ","Structure (Production)"
"æd*",""Fire," Aodh, Aidan, Aiden.","Old Irish Áed","fig ess sta"," ","Fire"
"æh*","The letter ash (æ).","Vowel Base Convention","spec dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"-æk*","Owner or master of the noun modified.","IE *h₂eyḱ-","act dis"," ",""
"æk*","To torture, punish.","Greek aikia","ac"," ","Torture"
"ækendm*","Injury resulting from torture.","ækend* + -m*","res tg"," ",""
"ækm*","The head of a spear.","IE *ak- or *h2eyk'- > Greek aikhmē","abs dis tg"," ","Sharpness"
"ækœk*","Torture chamber.","æk* + -œk*","fac dis tg"," ",""
"æktr*","Place where torture is administered.","æk* + -tr*","loc dis tg"," ","Torture"
"ækur*","Torture.","æk* + -ur*","act m itg"," ","Torture"
"ækuraq*","Means of torture. Scourge.","æk* + -ur* + -aq*","inst dis tg"," ","Torture"
"-ækw*","Equal according to some measurement.","Latin æquus","abs ess sta"," ",""
"ækw*","Equal.","Latin æquus","abs ess sta"," ","Equality"
"ækwi*","Equality.","ækw* + -i*","abs sta itg"," ","Equality"
"ækwif*","To equalize, balance.","ækw* + f*","abs cau ag"," ","Equality"
"ækwift*","To equalize, balance.","ækw* + ft*","abs cau pa"," ","Equality"
"ækwinot*","The equals sign.","ækw* + not*","dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"ækwipend*","To weigh equally, hence balance.","ækw* + pend*","act"," ","Equality"
"-æl*","Constructor for members of suborder Caniformia.","IE *wayl- "wolf""," (bio) dis tg"," ","Caniformia"
"ælur*","Family Ailuridae.","Genus Ailurus"," bio dis tg","Red panda. ","Ailuridae"
"-æm*","Copy of, imitation of.","IE *h₂eym-","n > abs ess sta"," ",""
"æml*","Rival, opponent.","IE *h₂eym- > Latin æmulus","ag dis tg"," ","Opponent"
"æmlir*","Male rival or opponent.","æml* + -ir*","masc ag"," ","Opponent"
"æmliß*","Female rival or opponent.","æml* + -iß*","fem ag"," ","Opponent"
"æmlosi*","Rivalry, opposition, jealousy, envy.","æml* + -os* + -i*","act m itg"," ","Opponent"
"æmol*","Emulation, striving to equality.","IE *aim-olo- > Latin aemulus","act m itg"," ",""
"æn*","Riddle, puzzle, enigma.","Greek ainos","dis itg"," ","Enigma"
"ænor*","Aenor, Eleanor.","Provencal Aenor","n: ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"æol*","Æolus, Eolus.","Greek"," ess sta","Ruler of the winds. ","Wind"
"æp*","High, lofty, steep, utter.","Greek aipos"," ess sta"," ",""
"-æq*","Sickness, disease, malfunction.","IE *h₂eyg-"," m itg"," ",""
"æq*","Direction.","Greek aig-","rel act m itg"," ","Direction (Voluntary Action)"
"æqend*","Guided, directed.","æq* + -end*","dat pa"," ",""
"æqew*","Lack of guidance or direction.","æq* + -ew*","rel abe sta itg"," ","Direction (Voluntary Action)"
"æqod*","To guide, direct.","æq* + d*","dat ag"," ","Direction (Voluntary Action)"
"æqos*","Guided, directed.","æq* + -os*","ess sta"," ",""
"-ær*","Constructor for a base denoting a gas that is derived from the object or substance described by the source base.","IE *wer- > *āwer- > Greek āēr","tg > der tg"," ","Gaseity"
"ær*","Gas, air.","IE *wer- > *āwer- > Greek āēr","m tg"," ","Air"
"aeremp*","To deprive of air, suffocate.","ær* + -emp*","abl tr"," ","Air"
"ærend*","To receive air or gas.","ær* + -end*","dat pa"," ",""
"ærew*","Lack of air, deprivation of air, suffocation.","ær* + -ew*","abe sta m itg"," ",""
"ærod*","To aerate.","ær* + d*","dat ag"," ","Air"
"ærof*","To vaporize, sublimate.","ær* + f*","cau ag"," ","Vaporization"
"æroft*","To become gas, vaporize, sublimate.","ær* + ft*","cau pa"," ","Vaporization"
"ærolv*","To be deprived of air (by/from), suffocate.","ær* + lv*","abl pa"," ",""
"æror*","To emit or release air or gas, exhale, deflate; pass gas, fart.","ær* + r*","gen act"," ","Gaseity"
"ært*","Vein.","IE *wer- > *awer- > Greek āeirein, artēriā","dis tg","Hollow filament. ","Vein"
"-æs*","Ore.","IE *h₂éy-es-","tg > tg"," ",""
"æs*","Bronze.","IE *h₂éy-es-","n: m tg"," ","Inorganic Matter"
"æsk*","To ask or want as patient to do something.","IE *ais-","ag","The direct object is the entity being asked, and the statement should be followed by an infinitive denoting what is being asked. See Mood. ","Request"
"æst*","Summer, summertime.","Latin æstus","m itg"," ","Summer"
"-æt*","Event, instance of action","IE *aiwo-tā(ti)-","dis itg"," ","Time"
"æt*","Age.","IE *aiw-","min rel itg"," ","Time"
"ætern*","Eternity, forever.","IE *aiw-","ind chron"," ","Eternity"
"-ætj*","Cause of, party responsible for.","IE *h₂eiti- > Greek *αἶτος,","dis tg"," ",""
"æv*","Time.","IE *aiw-","m itg"," ","Time"
"ævolv*","To lose time (from/by), run out of time.","æv* + lv*","abl pa"," ","Time"
"ʃæx*","Elder, chief, sheik.","Semitic śyḫ > Arabic šayḫ","act dis tg"," ","Master"
"æþ*","1. Ether. A compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups.
2. Alcohol (C2H5OH).","Greek aithēr","(chem) m tg"," ","Inorganic Matter"
"æþorg*","Desire for alcohol.","æþo+ + rg*","des rel ess sta m itg"," ",""
"æþos*","Containing alcohol, alcoholic.","æþ* + -os*","abs ess sta"," ",""
"æþosent*","Alcoholic beverage.","æþ* + -os* + -ent*","ess tg"," ",""
"æþum*","Ethane (C2H6).","æþ* + -um*","chem m tg"," ","Minerals"
"æþyl*","Containing the ethyl group (C4H10O).","æþ* + -yl*","abs ess sta"," ",""
"afqan*","Afghan.","Ethnonym","eth ess sta"," ","Middle East"
"afqananj*","Afghanistan.","afqan* + -anj*","spec loc dis tg"," ","Middle East"
"-afr*","Foam.","Greek ἀφρός (aphrós)"," m tg"," ",""
"afr*","Africa.","Latin Afer","eth"," ","Africa"
"afrekw*","Equus africanus.","afr* + -ekw*","bio dis tg","African wild ass. ","Equus"
"afrid*","The African skin color, "black."","afrens* + -id*","fig chrom"," ","Black"
"afriþerj*","Superorder Afrotheria.","afr* + þerj*"," bio dis tg"," ","Afrotheria"
"ah*","The letter A.","Vowel Base Convention","n: spec dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"aharon*","Aaron.","Hebrew","n: ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"-ajat*","Tangible indicator of an intangible.","Semitic ʔwy > Common Semitic *ʔāyat-","itg > indc dis tg"," ","Indicator"
"ajat*","Sign, mark.","Semitic ʔwy > Common Semitic *ʔāyat-","dis tg"," ","Sign"
"ajin*","Ayin.","Semitic ʕyn","spec dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"ajk*","Genus Aix.","IE *h₂eyǵ-1","bio dis tg"," ","Aix"
"ajkac*","Subfamily Anatinae.","ajk* + -ac*","bio dis tg"," ",""
"ajr*","The early part of the day after sunrise; morning.","IE *ayer-","dis itg"," ","Parts of the Day"
"-ak*","Oxide.","IE *ak-","m tg","Normally modifies the name of a chemical or mineral, but can also be used as a base constructor. ","Inorganic Matter"
"ɣak*","Khaki.","Persian > Urdu khāk","spec chrom"," ","Brown"
"ʃak*","To laugh; he who laughs.
(nm) Isaac, Yitzach.","Semitic śḥq","act"," ","Laughter"
"ak*","Sharp.","IE *ak-","a: unb pos rel ess sta"," ","Sharpness"
"akadj*","Acadia.","Míkmawísimk -akadie2","spec loc dis tg"," ","Canada"
"akadjan*","Cajun.","akadj* + -an*","eth ess sta"," ","United States"
"akanþ*","Barb, thorn.","Ancient Greek ἄκανθα (akantha)","ess sta dis tg"," ","Barb"
"akat*","Agate.","Greek akhātēs","tg"," ","Inorganic Matter"
"akend*","To become sharp (by/from).","ak* + -end*","unb pos rel dat pa"," ","Sharpness"
"akenduraq*","Means of sharpening.","akend* + -ur* + -aq*","cau inst dis tg"," Sharpener.",""
"akif*","To sharpen.","ak* + f*","unb pos rel cau ag"," ","Sharpness"
"akifuraq*","Means of sharpening.","akif* + -ur* + -aq*","n: cau inst dis tg"," Sharpener.","Sharpness"
"akikram*","Sour cream.","ak* + kram*","m tg"," ",""
"akil*","Achilles.","Greek Αχιλλευς (Achilleus)","ess sta"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"-akim*","Raised by, reared by.","Hebrew","abs pa"," ","Names, Titles and Greetings"
"akisæ*","The letter sharp-S (ß).","ak* + sæ*","spec dis tg"," ","Glyphs"
"akism*","Feigned disinterest in something while actually desiring it.","Greek akkismos","act m itg"," ","Agent of Desire"
"-akj*","Instigation to the modified action.","IE *ak- > *ak-yā-","act m itg > act m itg"," ","Instigation"
"akobl*","Cutting edge.","ak* + bl*","inst ess sta dis tg"," ","Sharpness"
"akon*","Fruiting body of a grain plant; ear.","IE *h₂ék- > Greek?","dis tg"," ","Botanical Organization"
"akoruraq*","Means of sharpening.","akor* + -ur* + -aq*","cau inst dis tg"," ",""
"akosd*","To sit on a point, balance.","ak* + sd*","v: act"," ",""
"akrib*","Bitterness, sourness, tartness.","IE *ak- > *ak-ri-bhwo-","subj rel ess sta m itg"," ","Bitterness"
"-aks*","Intensifier suffix connoting eagerness, incessance or inability to control.","Latin -ax/-ox","rel"," ","Eagerness"
"aks*","Axis.","IE *aks-","dis geom ess sta","Line of reference regarding a linear dimension. ","Axis"
"aksil*","Concavity at the junction of two bones.","IE *aks- > *aks-lā > Latin axilla"," dis tg","Armpit. ","Zoological Organization"
"-aksj*","Worthiness of.","IE *ag-ty-o- > Greek axiō-","rel ger ess sta m itg"," ",""
"aksj*","Worthy.","IE *ag-ty-o- > Greek axiō-","rel ess sta"," ",""
"akt*","Radioactivity, radiation.","Greek aktis","tg"," ","Radioactivity"
"aktend*","To receive radiation, be irradiated.","akt* + -end*","dat pa"," ","Radioactivity"
"aktoc*","Radiology.","akt* + c*","m itg","Science of radioactivity. ","Radioactivity"
"aktod*","To irradiate.","akt* + d*","dat ag"," ","Radioactivity"
"aktor*","To emit radiation, be radioactive.","akt* + r*","gen act"," ","Radioactivity"
"aktos*","Radioactive.","akt* + -os*","rel ess sta"," ","Radioactivity"
"aktum*","Actinium.","akt* + -um*","spec tg"," ","Chemical Elements"
"akw*","Water (H2O).","IE *h₂ekʷeh₂ "running/animate water"","chem m tg"," ","Water"
"akwald*","Poseidon.","akw* + -ald*"," ess sta","God of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses.3 ",""
"akward*","Water tank.","akw* + -ard*","inst dis tg"," ",""
"akwarj*","Of or pertaining to water.","akw* + -arj*","abs ess sta"," ",""
"akwe*","(v) Made of water.
(n) Drop of water, body of water.","akw* + -e*","abs ess sta","Any size. As a noun, can refer to an icecube. ","Water"
"akweks*","Out of water.","akw* + -eks*","el ess sta"," ",""
"akwemp*","To dehydrate, dry.","akw* + -emp*","abl ag"," ","Dryness"
"akwew*","Waterlessness, dehydration, dryness.","akw* + -ew*","rel abe sta m itg"," ","Dryness"
"akwil*","Family Accipitridae.","Latin aquilla","bio dis tg","Eagle, hawk. ","Accipitridae"
"akwilœk*","Eagle's nest.","akwil* + -œk*","dis tg"," ","Abode"
"akwin*","In water.","akw* + -in*","ess sta"," ",""
"akwod*","To water, hydrate.","akw* + d*","dat ag","Does not mean "to make wet." ","Water"
"akwoduraq*","Dative means of water.","akw* + d* + -ur* + -aq*","inst dat dis tg"," ",""
"akwolacert*","Alligator.","akw* | lacert*"," dis tg"," ","Reptilia"
"akwolv*","To dehydrate, dry out.","akw* + lv*","abl pa"," ","Dryness"
"akwondr*","Under water, submerged in water.","akw* + ndr*","abs ess sta"," ",""
"akwor*","To emit or give off water.","akw* + r*","gen act"," ","Water"
"akworn*","Waterfowl. Duck, goose, swan.","akw* + -orn*","dis tg"," ","Aves"
"akworuraq*","Generative means of water.","akw* + r* + -ur* + -aq*","inst gen dis tg"," ",""
"akwos*","Having water, hydrated.","akw* + -os*","abs ess sta","Does not mean "wet." ",""
"akwosk*","Water molecule.","akw* + sk*","dis tg"," ","Water"
"akwotorj*","Aquarium.","akw* + torj*","fac dis tg"," ",""

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