Storm Intense air in motion. [Air in Motion] qavent*

Straightness Lack of curvature. [Special Form] kurvew*

Stratification Formation into layers. [Layer] *

Stream Fluid in motion. [Water in Motion] potam*

Street [Abode] strat*

Strength Degree of power. [Connection between Cause and Effect] fort*

Strengthening [Strength] *

Stricture Abnormal narrowness caused by tightening. [Narrowness] strinq*

String Filament of low thickness and strength. [Filament] *

Structure Relationship or organizational quality of the component parts of a solid. [Solid Matter] *

Structure (Production) [Production] aed*

Sty Unclean abode or chamber. [Uncleanness] *

Style [Language] *

Subjection Dative of compulsion. [General Intersocial Volition] *

Submergence [Plunge] bapt*

Submission Obedience or servitude in response to antagonism. [Responses to Antagonism] ced*

Subordinality Smallness or inferiority of rank. [Distributive Order] *

Subservience to Ends Service or action in a subordinate capacity. [Prospective Volition] *

Substantiality Being in the concrete. [Being] tanq*

Substitute [Actual Subservience] *

Substitution Change of one thing for another. [Simple Change] vik*

Success Favorable termination of attempts or endeavors. [Results of Voluntary Action] spod*

Sufficiency [Actual Subservience] dhampl*

Sugar Condiment of sweetness. [Sweetness] sukar*

Sullenness [Social Affections] *

Summer [Annual Time] aest*

Summit Topmost vertical extreme. [Linear Dimensions] sum*

Sun Self-luminous celestial body connoted with heat. [Star] sawel*

Sun God [Deity (General)] apel*

Sunburn Result of calefaction by the sun. [Calefaction] *

Superexcellence [Goodness] *

Superficial Form Form with reference to orthogonal deviation from a surface. [Form] *

Superhuman Beings & Regions [Religious Affections] *

Superiority Quantity by positive comparison with a similar object . [Comparative Quantity] *

Superordinality Greatness or superiority of rank. [Distributive Order] *

Supplies Instruments of aid. [Aid] awksaq*

Support (Physical) [Linear Dimensions] steb*

Supporter [Support (Physical)] *

Supremacy Limit of superiority. [Superiority] *

Surface Two-dimensional form with curvature through a third dimension. [Special Form in 3 Dimensions] *

Surplus [Remainder] pleth*

Surrender Capitulation to antagonism. [States of Antagonism] *

Surveillance Observation for the purpose of care. [Observation] *

Surveyor Agent of measurement. [Measurement] *

Suspension Cessation of temporary intent. [Cessation] *

Sustenance Means of sustaining life. [Aid] awksent*

Sweetness Taste or flavor characteristic of sugar or honey. [Taste] *

Sword [Sharpness] qladj*

Symmetry Regularity of form. [Form] formord*

Sympathetic Affections [Sentient & Moral Powers] *

Sympathizer Generative agent of pity. [Pity] klemor*

Sympathy Projected feeling. [Feeling] *

Synchronism [Time with reference to Succession] *

Taciturnity Sparse generation of speech. Economy of speech. [Spoken Language] tac*

Tail [Rear] ur*

Taint [Disease] tinq*

Taking Direct acquisition of property. [Transfer of Property] *

Talisman [Indicator of Authority] amulet*

Talker [Loquacity] *

Task Unit of business. [Conceptional Volition] *

Taste [Special Sensation] sip*

Tasting [Taste] *

Teacher Agent of teaching. [Modes of Communication] *

Teaching Active education. [Modes of Communication] *

Tears Liquid excretion from the eyes. [Excretion] dakr*

Tegmen Tangible manifestation of covering. [Covering] teqm*

Telepathy [] *

Temper Intrinsic attribute. [Intrinsicality] *

Temperance Moderation in moral practice. [Moral Practice] *

Temperature [Special Sensation] therm*

Temple Facility of worship or public religious practice. [Religious Institutions] templ*

Tenacity Permanence, obstinancy or coherence despite pressure or trauma. [Solid Matter] ten*

Tendency Internal influence. [Indirect Power] pron*

Tenet Discrete teaching rooted in belief or theology. Instance of Doctrine. [Belief] doke*

Tergiversation Repeated change in one''s attitude or opinions with respect to a particular. [Acts of Volition] *

Term (Language) [Nomenclature] *

Term (Order) [Consecutive Order] *

Terminal Motion [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Texture Visual and tactile quality of a surface. [Solid Matter] *

Thallus A plant body undifferentiated into stem, root, or leaf. [Botanical Organization] thal*

The Bible [Religious Doctrines] *

The Drama [Written Language] *

Theology Religious knowledge. [Religious Doctrines] *

Thermometer Gauge of temperature. [Temperature] thermodik*

Thickness Tertiary linear dimension. [Linear Dimensions] *

Thief Dative agent of stealing. [Stealing] furtod*

Third Person [Pronouns] th*

Thought [Operations of Intellect in General] ment*

Thread Filament of very low thickness and strength. [Filament] nem*

Threat [Diffusive Sympathetic Affections] *

Throat [Conduit] fawk*

Thrust Sudden forward movement. [Attack] *

Tickle [Sensations of Touch] *

Tidiness (Cleanness) Care about cleanness. [Cleanness] *

Tidiness (Order) Care about order. [Order] *

Time [Abstract Relations] *

Time with reference to a particular Period [Time] *

Time with reference to an Effect or Purpose [Relative Time] *

Time with reference to Succession [Relative Time] *

Timeserver Person who shapes his or her conduct to conform to the opinions of the time or of persons in power, especially for selfish ends. [Tergiversation] *

Tine One of multiple projecting points on an instrument. [Sharpness] tindj*

Tinsel Deceptive ornament. [Deception] *

Tissue Aggregate of similar cells and cell products forming a definite kind of structural material with a specific function, in a multicellular organism. [Zoological Organization] hist*

Title [Extrinsic Affections] *

Tongue [Zoological Organization] linqwek*

Tooth [Sharpness] dent*

Top Summit covering. [Covering] *

Topic Subject of thought. [Operations of Intellect in General] *

Torso [Zoological Organization] thyrs*

Torture Deliberate infliction of pain. [Pain] aek*

Touch Sensation of pressure. [Special Sensation] tok*

Toward Indefinite direction of decreasing distance from a fixed point. [Direction] ad*

Town Aggregate of abodes, many in number in close proximity, and having a governing authority. [Abode Aggregates] qart*

Track Indication of something having passed by or come through. [Indication] *

Traction Motion given to an object situated behind. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Tradition [Oldness] swed*

Train A collection of particulars following a primary. [Sequence] *

Train (Vehicle) One or more locomotive vehicles pulling any number of carriages. [Vehicle] *

Traitor Agent of treason. [Knave] *

Transaction Instance of conduct. [Conduct] *

Transcursion Motion beyond. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Transfer [Transfer of Property] *

Transfer of Property [Possessive Relations] *

Transferability Capacity of transference. [Transference] *

Transference Motion of a patient by an agent from an origin to a destination. [Motion] veh*

Transformation Change in form. [Simple Change] mut*

Transientness Short duration. [Absolute Time] efem*

Transit [Transference] *

Translation [Interpretation] *

Transparency Nonobstruction of light. [Light] *

Transport Container [Container] *

Transportation Intentional transference [Motion] veh*

Transporter Agent of transportation. [Transportation] vehod*

Traveler [Motion] motor*

Treasury Monetary facility. [Monetary Relations] burs*

Treatment Instance of remedy. [Remedy] *

Tree [Vegetable] dendr*

Trench Furrow for the purpose of holding liquid. [Furrow] wadj*

Trepidation [Fear] trep*

Triangle Polygon with three sides. [Special Form in 2 Dimensions] treiqon*

Tribunal Court of justice. [Moral Institutions] *

Trick Instance of deception. [Deception] *

Trophy Indicator of success. [Results of Voluntary Action] krind*

Trough Furrow used chiefly to hold water or food for animals. [Furrow] truq*

Trousers Clothing for the lower torso, midsection and legs. [Clothing] *

True Governance [Governance] *

Truth Object of knowledge. [Results of Reasoning] ver*

Tube Solid of cylinder, rod or filament form that is open through its middle. [Opening] kamin*

Tumor Result of intumescence. [Intumescence] tumm*

Tunnel [Opening] tun*

Turncoat Agent of tergiversation. [Tergiversation] *

Twilight [Dimness] *

Twitching Repeated involuntary agitation. [Agitation] *

Tyranny Deviant governance by one. [Deviant Governance] *

Tyrant Agent of arbitrary power. [Arbitrary Power] tyranod*

Ugliness [Discriminative Affections] turp*

Unanimity Complete and undivided assent. [Assent] frarat*

Unbelief Lack of belief. [Results of Reasoning] fidew*

Uncertainty [Degrees of Evidence] certew*

Uncleanness Presence of contaminents or dregs. [Cleanness] tamen*

Unconformity Lack of conformity. [Order as regards Categories] varj*

Unctuousness [Imperfect Fluids] *

Underclothing [Clothing] *

Underestimation [Results of Reasoning] *

Undergarment Article of underclothing. [Clothing] *

Undergrowth [Vegetable] *

Undertaking [Precursory Measures] *

Underweight [Gravity] *

Undueness [Moral Obligations] *

Undulation [Convolution] *

Uniformity Continuous relation. [Relation] draharm*

Unimportance [Importance] bur*

Unintelligibility Lack of intelligibility. [Nature of Ideas Communicated] *

Unit of Prayer [Worship] *

Unity [Determinate Number] uni*

Unlimited Space [Space] sider*

Unmeaningness Absence of meaning. [Nature of Ideas Communicated] semantew*

Unproductiveness [Power in Operation] fekundew*

Unsavoriness Badness in taste or smell. [Taste] *

Unskillfulness Lack of skill. [Complex Voluntary Action] *

Untruth Absence, lack or void of truth. [Modes of Communication] verew*

Unwillingness Dissent of will. [Acts of Volition] lewq*

Up Positive direction of verticality. [Direction] alt*

Upholder Assenting auxiliary. [Auxiliary] *

Urine Product of urination. [Organic Fluids] ur*

Use [Precursory Measures] ut*

Uterus Zoological container of reproduction. [Zoological Container] uter*

Utility [Degrees of Subservience] *

Vacation Extended period designated for repose. [Repose] *

Vacillation Oscillation with irresolution. [Oscillation] vacil*

Valley Shallow, exposed natural concavity. [Concavity] den*

Value Greatness or economy of price. [Price] prec*

Valve, Spigot [Stopper] valv*

Vanity [Extrinsic Affections] van*

Vaporization Conversion to gas. [Fluid Matter] *

Vaporizer [Vaporization] *

Variation Patient ablation of similarity. [Partial Relation] semolv*

Variegation Aberration or variation of color. [Specific Light] kromovarj*

Varix Permanent abnormal expansion. [Expansion] varik*

Vassal Agent of obedience. [Obedience] letod*

Vegetable [Special Vitality] fy*

Vegetation [Special Vitality] *

Vehicle Means of transportation. [Transportation] vehaq*

Veil Headdress intended to serve as a screen. [Headdress] vel*

Vein Hollow filament. [Filament] aert*

Velocimeter Gauge of velocity. [Velocity] celerodik*

Velocity Degree of motion over time. [Motion] celer*

Veneer Protective or decorative supplemental tegmen. [Tegmen] *

Ventiduct Opening for the passage of air. [Fluids in Motion] *

Ventilator Instrument for forcing air through an airpipe. [Air in Motion] *

Veracity [Modes of Communication] genw*

Verbal Abuse [Malediction] *

Vermin Unclean animal. [Animal] konop*

Vertebra [Spine] vertebr*

Verticality Orthogonality to the plane of the earth or a reference plane. [Linear Dimensions] *

Verve [Affections in General] verv*

Vessel [Container] vas*

Veteran Agent of seniority. [Seniority] sen*

Veto Override of permission or prohibition. [Special Intersocial Volition] vet*

Vibration Oscillation in place. [Oscillation] vib*

Vice [Moral Conditions] vitj*

Victor [Success] nik*

Vigor Validity, strength, force, effectiveness. [Qualities of Style] *

Village Aggregate of abodes, few in number and lacking a governing authority. [Abode Aggregates] kapar*

Vinculum Medium of junction (discrete or mass). [Junction] vinc*

Vindication Removal of onus. [Moral Sentiments] onempur*

Vindicator, Apologist, Justifier Agent of vindication or revenge. [Revenge] onemp*

Violence [Power in Operation] viol*

Virtue [Moral Conditions] adal*

Visibility [Observation] *

Vision Ability to perceive light. [Observation] ok*

Visit [Sociality] *

Visitation [Disease] leps*

Vitality [Organic Matter] viv*

Voice [Spoken Language] voc*

Volley Simultaneous discharge of a number of projectiles. [Attack] *

Volume [Centrical Dimensions] *

Voluntary Action [Individual Volition] *

Voluntary Powers [Thesaurus] *

Vomit Result of emesis. [Organic Fluids] em*

Vortex [Rotation] vort*

Voyage Event of navigation. [Navigation] *

Vulgarian Agent of Vulgarity. [Vulgarity] *

Vulgarity Bad taste. [Discriminative Affections] *

Vulgarity (Ornament) Excess of ornament. [Ornament] ornult*

Vulnerability Point of exposure to danger. [Danger] *

Vulva External female genitalia. [Genital] vulv*

Wager Instance of gambling. [Gambling] *

Wake [Rear] wakw*

War Prolonged antagonism. [Antagonism] *

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