Detour Deviation from plan. [Conceptional Volition] *

Deviant Governance [Governance] *

Deviation Motion away from a set direction. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Diet Plan or method of eating. [Remedy] edivj*

Difference [Absolute Relation] *

Different Time Time different from the present. [Time with reference to Succession] *

Difficulty [States of Antagonism] dys*

Diffusive Sympathetic Affections [Sympathetic Affections] *

Dignity Self-respect, healthy self-pride. Worthiness of acceptance. [Pride] dekand*

Dimensions Extension in a given direction. [Space] *

Diminution Causation of smallness. [Smallness] minif*

Dimness Presence of a low quantity of light. [Light] *

Direction [Motion with reference to Direction] vj*

Direction [Abstract Relations] *

Direction (Voluntary Action) [Complex Voluntary Action] aeq*

Director Agent of direction. [Complex Voluntary Action] *

Dirt Unclean remainder. [Uncleanness] qrim*

Disagreement Lack of agreement. [Relation] harmew*

Disappearance [Observation] kalypt*

Disappointment Failure of expectation. [Extension of Thought to the Future] frustr*

Disapprobation Lack of approbation. [Moral Sentiments] kydew*

Disc Solid with a circular primary surface and minor thickness. [Special Form in 3 Dimensions] disk*

Disclosure Removal of latency. [Modes of Communication] fater*

Discontent Opposite of Content. [Passive Affections] *

Discontinuity Interrupted sequence. [Consecutive Order] *

Discord Condition building antagonism. [States of Antagonism] rik*

Discord (Sound) [Musical Sounds] *

Discourtesy Negative sociality. [Social Affections] rud*

Discovery Result of search or inquiry. [Results of Reasoning] aperj*

Discriminative Affections [Personal Affections] *

Disease [Degrees of Subservience] morb*

Disguise Deceptive investment. [Deception] *

Disjunction Lack of junction. [Junction] jukew*

Disjunction (gen) Generation of disjunction. [Disjunction] rup*

Dislike [Prospective Affections] odj*

Dismissal Abrogation by formal or official means. [Abrogation] demiss*

Disorder Absence or want of order. [Order] ordew*

Dispersion [Collective Order] durw*

Disquiet [Agitation] turb*

Disrepute Negative extrinsic affection towards a person or thing. [Extrinsic Affections] stiq*

Disrespect Lack or rejection of respect. [Moral Sentiments] venerew*

Dissection Disjunction of internal components (organs). [Disjunction] *

Dissent Judgment in the negative. [Results of Reasoning] *

Dissertation Formal discourse in speech or writing. [Written Language] sermon*

Dissimilarity Lack of similarity. [Partial Relation] semew*

Dissuasion Causation of unwillingness, restraint, or hindrance. [Causes of Volition] *

Distance Linear dimension between two points or particulars. [Dimensions] span*

Distance (cumulative) Cumulative linear dimension. [Linear Dimensions] *

Distortion Imperfection of form. [Form] formers*

Distributive Order [Order] *

Disuse Lack or absence of use. [Precursory Measures] utew*

Diuturnity Long duration. [Absolute Time] *

Divergence Motion further off from. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Divestment Removal of covering. [Covering] teqemp*

Divination Superstitious means of prediction. [Prediction] *

Divinity Quality of being divine. [Deity (General)] *

Divorce Forecful end to or dissolution of marriage. Social disjunction. [Social Affections] *

Doctor Personal agent of remedy. [Remedy] medor*

Doctrine Teaching rooted in belief or theology. [Belief] dok*

Dog (fig.) [Figurative Animals] hund*

Domestic Animals [Animal] uksen*

Dose Portion extracted from something else, particularly a batch of a substance or part of an object, particularly that which is required to fulfill a need. [Portion] dot*

Dough Flour or meal combined with water, milk, etc., in a mass for baking into bread, cake, etc. [Pulpiness] diq*

Dove (fig.) [Figurative Animals] jon*

Down Negative direction of verticality. [Direction] lex*

Dowry Giving at marriage. [Giving] *

Dregs Unclean remainder after consumption. [Uncleanness] faek*

Drink [Drunkenness] ebrodent*

Drinking Voluntary insertion of liquid into one's body via the mouth. [Insertion] bib*

Drunkenness [Moral Practice] ebr*

Dryness Lack of moisture. [Specific Fluids] ar*

Duality [Determinate Number] *

Dueness [Moral Obligations] kler*

Dues Money demanded by a government or other entity for its support or for specific facilities or services. [Price] teler*

Dulcification Adding or increasing sweetness. [Sweetness] *

Dullness Lack of wit. [Amusement] facetew*

Dune Impermanent result of assemblage of sand or other land matter. [Result of Assemblage] dun*

Dung Excrement of animals. [Organic Solids] kopr*

Dupe Patient of deception. Person who acts, believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence or reason. Agent of credulity. [Deception] lewhend*

Dwarfism Abnormal or unusual littleness. [Littleness] dwerv*

Dynamometer Gauge of impulse. [Impulse (Motion)] *

Eagerness [Activity] ard*

Ear [Hearing] osaq*

Earliness [Time with reference to an Effect or Purpose] *

Ease [States of Antagonism] asj*

East Laterality towards the sunrise. [Laterality] awstr*

Eating Voluntary insertion of food into one's body via the mouth. [Insertion] ed*

Eavesdropping Hearing without permission. [Hearing] *

Ebony [] eben*

Edge Limit of interjacence. [Centrical Dimensions] thysan*

Edibility Suitability for being eaten. [Eating] edtab*

Education Development of knowledge or skill. [Modes of Communication] alm*

Effect Constant sequent. [Constancy of Sequence in Events] dhm*

Egg Rudiment of an animal. [Zoological Organization] dhov*

Ego One's sense of self. [Intellect] ps*

Egress Intransitive motion out of. [Motion with reference to Direction] ekserq*

Ejecta Patient of excretion. [Excretion] spew*

Ejection Transference of the agent out of the patient. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Elasticity Capacity of recoil. [Solid Matter] elast*

Elegance [Qualities of Style] koncin*

Elevation Transference upward. [Motion with reference to Direction] tol*

Ellipse Imperfect example of circularity. [Circularity] kwekloed*

Ellipsoid Imperfect example of circularity. [Circularity] kwekloedoed*

Elytron Zoological capsule. [Capsule] elytr*

Eminence High repute. [Repute] awqust*

Empathy Shared or common feeling. [Feeling] komipath*

Emptiness [Absence] vak*

Empty Love Love bearing commitment, absent of intimacy and passion. [Love] *

Encounter Motion of multiple entities towards each other. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

End (Order) [Consecutive Order] resem*

End (Time) [Absolute Time] fin*

Endearment Expression of friendship or love. [Social Affections] *

Endurance [Feeling] toler*

Enema Insertion of liquid into one's body via the rectum.
Object of involuntary or compulsive insertion. [Insertion] jet*

Enemy Agent (subject or object) of enmity. [Enmity] *

Engagement Promise of marriage. [Promise] trew*

Engraving [Means of Communicating Ideas] *

Enigma [Secret] aen*

Enlightenment Giving or receiving of knowledge. [Knowledge] *

Enmity Moderate negative sociality characterized by degrees of commitment, intimacy and passion. [Social Affections] odj*

Entity Distinct essive of substantiality. [Substantiality] *

Entrails Internal organs of an animal. [Interiority] hern*

Envy [Retrospective Sympathetic Affections] *

Epicene Gender-neutral. [Gender] *

Epicure Agent of fastidiousness over food. [Fastidiousness] *

Equality Sameness of quantity or degree. [Comparative Quantity] aekw*

Equalization Compensation to bring equality. [Compensation] *

Equipment [Instrument] frum*

Error [Results of Reasoning] ers*

Eruption [Disease] psor*

Escape Motion away from danger. [Contingent Subservience] fuq*

Escort Companion in transportation. [Accompaniment] *

Esophagus [] rumen*

Essence [Existence] hil*

Ession Quality of having, holding, containing or possessing an entity, action or quality. [Relation] *

Essive Tangible manifestation of a state of being. [] *

Eternity [Absolute Time] sempr*

Euthanasia Painless death. [Death] *

Evaluation Formulation and aggregation of ideas. [Formation of Ideas] krit*

Event Instance of action regardless of purpose or intent. [Action] hap*

Everyone [Generality] *

Evidence Materials for reasoning on one side. [Materials for Reasoning] verosykw*

Evil Opposite of Good. [Objects of Volition] wap*

Evil Spirits [Superhuman Beings & Regions] *

Evolution Motion in a reverse circle. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Ewe (fig.) [Figurative Animals] raxel*

Exaggeration Expansion beyond the limits of truth or reason. [Modes of Communication] *

Examination Evaluation of learning. [Modes of Communication] *

Examination Extensive inquiry; inquiry in depth. [Inquiry] tempt*

Excavation (Genesis) Genesis of concavity. [Concavity] bid*

Excavation (Manifest) Manifestation of concavity. [Concavity] kavm*

Excavator Agent of excavation. [Concavity] kavod*

Excess [Redundance] *

Excitation Arousal to action or feeling. [Affections in General] ki*

Exclusion [Concrete Quantity] *

Exclusion (Class) [Distributive Order] *

Excommunication [Rite] *

Excrescence Abnormal outgrowth (not necessarily harmful) on an animal or vegetable body. [Convexity] umb*

Excretion Zoological egress of matter or fluid. [Egress] kak*

Excursion Discreate motion with purpose. [Motion] sapar*

Exemption [Moral Obligations] *

Exercise Exertion for the purpose of play or health. [Exertion] *

Exertion [Simple Voluntary Action] nit*

Existence Being in the abstract. [Being] sist*

Exoskeleton Organization of bone or cartilage that protects the internal organs. [Zoological Covering] karin*

Expansion Increase in size. [Size] pand*

Expectance Absence of wonder. [Contemplative Affections] mirew*

Expectation [Extension of Thought to the Future] *

Expedience Specific subservience. [Degrees of Subservience] *

Expenditure Money going out. [Monetary Relations] *

Experiment [Precursory Conditions and Operations] per*

Exploit Display of courage. [Courage] nanth*

Extension Expansion into a greater volume. [Expansion] tend*

Extension of Thought [Formation of Ideas] *

Extension of Thought to the Future [Extension of Thought] *

Extension of Thought to the Past [Extension of Thought] *

Extenuation [Vindication] mitifur*

Exteriority [Centrical Dimensions] eks*

Extraction Forcible egress. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Extraneousness From without; not belonging or proper to the whole. [Concrete Quantity] *

Extrinsic Affections Personal affections derived from the opinions or feelings of others. [Personal Affections] *

Extrinsicality Formal existence, external conditions. [Being] ekstrisist*

Eye Means of vision. [Vision] okaq*

Eye Disease [Disease] okaqaeq*

Eyelid [Eye] blefar*

Facilitator Dative agent of ease. [Ease] asjod*

Factory Facility or instrument of production. [Power in Operation] genuraq*

Failure Unfavorable termination of activity. [Results of Voluntary Action] fal*

Fairy [Superhuman Beings & Regions] *

Falsehood Misrepresentation, perversion or suppression of truth. [Modes of Communication] psewd*

Fame Greatness in importance. [Greatness] krod*

Fan Instrument for setting air in motion. [Air in Motion] vatn*

Fang Long, pointed tooth used for injecting venom. [Tooth] fanqon*

Farewell, Valediction Courteous acknowledgement of departure. [Courtesy] *

Farm Abode reserved for agriculture. [Abode] aqr*

Fashion [Discriminative Affections] *

Fastening [Vinculum] fiq*

Fastidiousness Excessive caution, care or delicacy.
Difficulty in being pleased. [Prospective Affections] olkawt*

Fasting Temperance in eating. [Moral Practice] *

Father Male parent. [Connaturality] patr*

Fatigue [Simple Voluntary Action] fat*

Fatuous Love Love bearing passion and commitment, absent of intimacy. [Love] *

Favorite [Social Affections] *

Fear Excess of care. [Prospective Affections] qowr*

Feast Grand or excessive meal. [Meal] olcen*

Feature Means of recollection. [Appearance] skew*

Feebleness Lack of vigor. [Qualities of Style] *

Feeling [Affections in General] path*

Female [Gender] qwen*

Fence Instrument of inclosure intended for defense or restraint. [Inclosure] *

Ferment [Levity] jest*

Fermentation Conversion of sugars into alcohol. [Agitation] ferm*

Fervor [Feeling] ferv*

Festival Prolonged event of amusement. [Amusement] fest*

Fetor Bad odor, unpleasant odor. An indicator of uncleanness. [Odor] brom*

Fever Abnormal body heat, usually due to disease or overheating. [Disease] febr*

Fewness [Indeterminate Number] *

Figurative Animals [Animal] *

Filament Object or segment of great length versus girth. [Special Form in 3 Dimensions] fil*

File Arrangement of documents, letters, etc., in convenient order for storage or reference. [Arrangement] *

Filling [Centrical Dimensions] fark*

Finger [Hand] daktyl*

Fire [Heat] pyr*

Firebrand Generator of fire. [Fire] pyror*

Fireplace [Furnace] west*

First Person [Pronouns] eq*

Fish [Animal] pisk*

Fissure Interval made by disjunction. [Interval] find*

Fitness [Agreement] apt*

Flatness Lack of convexity or concavity. [Superficial Form] plat*

Flesh [Corporeal Nature] karn*

Flotation [Levity] plud*

Flour Finely-ground grain. [Grain] alewr*

Flower [Structure (Production)] flor*

Flowering Production of external structures by a lifeform. [Production] abib*

Fluid Matter [Matter] *

Fluidity [Fluid Matter] *

Fluids in Motion [Fluid Matter] *

Flush Indication of heat by coloration. [Heat] *

Foam Aggregate of bubbles. [Bubble] poemnar*

Focus Place or point of assemblage or convergence. [Collective Order] *

Fold Curvature of a surface onto itself. [Superficial Form] pl*

Foliage [Vegetable] *

Follower [Sequence] *

Food Matter that is fit for eating. [Matter] pask*

Fool Essive of imbecility. [Imbecility] stultos*

Foot Zoological base. [Base] ped*

Fop Man or woman of fashion. Essive of fashion. [Discriminative Affections] *

Foresight Accurate expectation. [Extension of Thought to the Future] *

Forgiveness [Retrospective Sympathetic Affections] venj*