Celibacy Abstinence from marriage. [Social Affections] caeleb*

Cell Basic component of organization. [Organization] kyt*

Centrality [Centrical Dimensions] kentr*

Centrical Dimensions State and circumstance with reference to a center. [Dimensions] jac*

Certainty Definite existence of evidence. [Degrees of Evidence] cert*

Cessation Change from action to rest. [Simple Change] paw*

Chaff Essive of littleness and unimportance. [Littleness] abak*

Chalk [Solid Matter] kret*

Chamber Container of dwelling.
Part within an abode. [Container] kamer*

Chance (Cause) Absence of assignable cause. [Constancy of Sequence in Events] fortw*

Change [Abstract Relations] *

Change Difference at different times. [Simple Change] me*

Changeableness Ability to change, capacity for change. [Complex Change] meokap*

Changes in Quantity [Comparative Quantity] *

Character Aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a particular. [Affections in General] virt*

Charity Giving to alleviate need. [Giving] ele*

Charlatanry Affectation of knowledge. [Knowledge] *

Chastity [Simplicity] haqn*

Checkmate Cessation due to inability to continue. [Cessation] *

Cheer [Passive Affections] qawd*

Chief [Importance] kaput*

Childhood [Age] pu*

Chin [Front] qen*

Chip odd piece. [Piece] cip*

Choice Exercise of volition. [Acts of Volition] leq*

Cicuration Management of animals. [Special Vitality] zoonom*

Cipher Thing of naught. [] *

Circle Perfect example of circularity. [Circularity] kwekl*

Circuition Curvilinear motion. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Circularity [Special Form in 2 Dimensions] kwekli*

Circumjacence Location with reference to exteriority to a centrical boundary. [Centrical Dimensions] ekstrojac*

Circumnavigation Motion of an agent around a patient. [Motion with reference to Direction] kirkerq*

Circumscription [Centrical Dimensions] *

Circumstance Relative modal existence. [Being] fan*

Class Identity implying or imparting order. [Distributive Order] klad*

Classification Assignment into classes. [Distributive Order] *

Cleanness [Degrees of Subservience] klew*

Cleansing Causation of cleanness. [Cleanness] *

Cleavage Disjunction along a natural line of division. [Disjunction] klewb*

Cleft Interval made by cleavage. [Interval] *

Clergy Religious agents who are ordained to practice religious acts. [Religious Institutions] hier*

Clergyman [Clergy] presbj*

Cliff [Land] kraq*

Climate Weather trend or norm. [Weather] *

Clique Informal party of antagonism. [Party] *

Cloak Overgarment for concealment. [Overgarment] palj*

Clone Exact copy. [Copy] *

Closure [Superficial Form] klud*

Clot [Density] thromb*

Clothier Supplier of clothing. [Clothing] vestor*

Clothing Instrument of covering. [Covering] vest*

Cloture Cessation in debate. [Cessation] *

Cloud Impermanent result of assemblage of water vapor. [Result of Assemblage] neb*

Club Blunt instrument of impulse by striking with a broad surface. [Impulse (Motion)] puq*

Coagulation Change from a soft or fluid state to a rigid or solid state. [Softness] gel*

Coast Where land meets a large body of water. [Land] kost*

Coexistence Sychronous existence. [Synchronism] komient*

Coherence Order of components. [Conjunctive Quantity] haer*

Coin [Currency] num*

Cold Lack of heat. [Temperature] frew*

Colic Pain of the abdomen or intestines. [Pain] ejl*

Collapse Descent due to structural deterioration. [Descent] laps*

Collective Order [Order] *

Collision [Impulse (Motion)] laed*

Color [Specific Light] krom*

Combatant Generative of antagonism. [Party] belor*

Combination [Conjunctive Quantity] merg*

Combinations of Causes [Causation] *

Command Wielding of authority. [General Intersocial Volition] *

Comment [Interpretation] rubr*

Commission Vicarious authority. [General Intersocial Volition] legofur*

Commitment Intent of accompaniment. [Accompaniment] spond*

Commonality Lack of extrinsic affection towards a person or thing.' [Extrinsic Affections] parv*

Commonweal Good for the general public. [Good] *

Communication Direct giving of information. [Information] *

Communication of Ideas [Intellectual Faculties] *

Community Coherence of similar (homogeneous) entities. [Coherence] civ*

Compact Formalized promise. [Conditional Intersocial Volition] pak*

Companion Discrete agent of accompaniment. [Accompaniment] ukor*

Companionate Love Love bearing commitment and intimacy, absent of passion. [Love] *

Company (Accompaniment) Accompaniment with purpose. [Accompaniment] prouk*

Company (Assemblage) Group of people. [Assemblage] *

Comparative Quantity [Quantity] *

Completeness [Concrete Quantity] plen*

Completion Normal cessation of attempts or endeavors. [Results of Voluntary Action] *

Complex Change [Change] *

Complex Voluntary Action [Voluntary Action] *

Complexity [Order] plek*

Component Standard part. [Part] sk*

Composer Generative agent of melody or music. [Musical Sounds] *

Composition Assemblage of parts into a whole. [Concrete Quantity] teks*

Compression Contraction into a smaller volume. [Contraction] prem*

Compulsion Forceful application of authority. [General Intersocial Volition] pel*

Concavity Curvature inward. [Superficial Form] kav*

Concealment Causation of latency. [Modes of Communication] cel*

Concentration Causation of centrality. [Centrality] kentrod*

Conceptional Volition [Prospective Volition] *

Concord Condition alleviating antagonism. [States of Antagonism] *

Concrete Quantity [Quantity] *

Concurrence [Combinations of Causes] win*

Condemnation Unfavorable judgment; judgment against; imposition of a debt or obligation. [Moral Institutions] *

Condensation Assemblage into a solid. [Density] densif*

Condiment Substance that adds taste. [Taste] sipawks*

Conditional Intersocial Volition [Intersocial Volition] *

Condolence Shared lamentation.
Courteous acknowledgement of pain. [Special Sympathetic Affections] komidol*

Conduct Manner of action. [Complex Voluntary Action] *

Conduit Opening for the passage of fluid matter. [Fluids in Motion] kanal*

Cone Three-dimensional form of a triangle rotated about the longitudinal axis. [Rotundity] kon*

Conformity [Order as regards Categories] koform*

Confutation Demonstration of untruth or falsehood. [Reasoning Processes] fut*

Congregation Group of worshipers. [Worshiper] *

Conjunctive Quantity [Quantity] *

Connaturality Genetic similarity [Similarity] kyn*

Connection between Cause and Effect [Causation] *

Connoisseur Agent of good taste. [Grace] *

Consanguinity Relations of kindred. [Absolute Relation] *

Consecutive Order [Order] *

Consent Assent to authority. [Special Intersocial Volition] *

Consignee Person appointed to administer the affairs of a person, company, or institution. [General Intersocial Volition] *

Constancy of Sequence in Events [Causation] *

Constellation Collection of a small number of stars organized into an apparent pattern. [Celestial Body] *

Constipation Congealment, condensation or compression resulting in indigestion or inability to evacuate. [Density] stip*

Consultation Event for the distribution or solicitation of advice. [Advice] lekj*

Consummate Love Love bearing passion, commitment and intimacy. [Love] *

Container Instrument of containment. [Containment] habaq*

Container for Animals [Container] zoard*

Container of Perfumery [Perfumery] thur*

Containment Prolongued presence within a container. [Presence] hab*

Contemplative Affections [Personal Affections] *

Contempt Negative moral sentiment. [Moral Sentiments] temn*

Content [Passive Affections] sat*

Contention Mutual antagonism. [Antagonism] mewbel*

Contents Object of containment. Subject of presence within a container. [Containment] habus*

Contest Instance of contention. [Contention] *

Contiguity Touching along a side or boundary. [Dimensions] tinq*

Contingent Subservience [Subservience to Ends] *

Continuity Uninterrupted sequence. [Consecutive Order] *

Contraction Decrease in size. [Size] wan*

Contraposition [Special Centrical Dimensions] *

Contrariety Noncoincidence. [Absolute Relation] kontr*

Convergence Motion of an agent towards a patient. [Motion with reference to Direction] koserq*

Conversion Change in nature, substance, form, or condition. [Simple Change] kem*

Convert Essive of conversion. [Conversion] kemos*

Convexity Curvature outward. [Superficial Form] mont*

Conviction Belief with certainty or justified by judgment or supposition. [Belief] pith*

Conviviality [Sociality] jol*

Convolution Complex curvature. [Special Form] streb*

Convoy, Train Company of vehicles. [Accompaniment] vehar*

Cooking Preparation of food. [Preparation] kokw*

Cooperation Generation of ease. [States of Antagonism] asjor*

Copy Result of imitation. [Partial Relation] dhaem*

Cord Filament of moderate thickness and strength. [Filament] kord*

Core Subject of centrality. [Centrality] kor*

Corner Place at which two converging lines or surfaces meet. [Angularity] kanth*

Corporation Formal party of antagonism. [Party] *

Corporeal Nature [Animality] *

Corpse [Vitality] *

Corpulence Abnormal bigness of girth relative to height. Obesity; plumpness.
[Bigness] deb**

Correlation Double or reciprocal relation. [Absolute Relation] *

Council Group of persons assembled for advice or authority. [Complex Voluntary Action] calj*

Counteraction [Combinations of Causes] kontriq*

Counterfeit Illegitimate copy. Copy intended to deceive. [Copy] *

Countermotion Motion against or opposing another motion. [Motion with reference to Direction] kontrij*

Country Great aggregate of abodes with a governing authority. Usually contains multiple smaller administrative districts and municipalities. [Abode Aggregates] *

Courage Absence of fear. [Prospective Affections] hard*

Course (Time) Indefinite duration. [Absolute Time] *

Court Facility of law. [Moral Institutions] juroek*

Courtesy Positive sociality. [Social Affections] kunth*

Couteral [Connaturality] gemin*

Covering [Centrical Dimensions] teq*

Coveting Desire without due regard for the rights of the desired or others. [Desire] las*

Cowardice Excessive fear. [Prospective Affections] olqowr*

Crab (fig.) [Figurative Animals] karkinoed*

Creative Thought [Formation of Ideas] *

Credit [Monetary Relations] *

Creditor [Credit] *

Crossing [Linear Dimensions] *

Crowd Disorganized collection of people. [Assemblage] okl*

Crown Indicator of authority worn on the head. [Indicator of Authority] koron*

Crumb Particle of food. [Particle] paskosk*

Crystal [Matter] *

Cube Polyhedron of 6 sides, each of which is a square, having equal length, breadth and thickness. [Special Form in 3 Dimensions] *

Cuff Clothing, or section of clothing, for the wrist and/or lower arm. [Clothing] karpard*

Cunning Skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner, [Complex Voluntary Action] *

Cup Service container primarily for beverages. [Service Container] *

Cure [Restoration] kur*

Curiosity Desire of knowledge. [Precursory Conditions and Operations] qnorg*

Currency Medium of money. [Monetary Relations] *

Curse [Malediction] ban*

Curtain Large fabric serving as a screen for a window. [Screen] *

Curvature [Special Form] kurv*

Curve One-dimensional form having length but no breadth or thickness and also curvature through a second dimension. [Special Form] *

Customer Terminus of property interchange. [Interchange of Property] *

Cutting Edge Essive instrument of sharpness. [Sharpness] akosaq*

Cylinder Solid with circular cross-section. [Rotundity] kylind*

Dance [Amusement] dansj*

Danger Lack or compromise of safety. [Contingent Subservience] domn*

Darkness Lack of light. [Light] lukew*

Dation Additive activity. [Relation] *

Dative of Pendency [Pendency] konqod*

Daughter Female offspring. [Connaturality] duqatr*

Deafness Inability to perceive sound. Lack of hearing. [Sound] sonawew*

Death Cessation of life, end of life, loss of life. [Vitality] mort*

Deathbed Place of death. [Death] *

Debt Money owed. [Monetary Relations] liq*

Debtor Holder of debt. [Debt] liqob*

Decay Decomposition of organic material. [Decomposition] putr*

Deceiver Generative agent of deception. [Deception] lewhor*

Deceleration Decrease in velocity over time. [Velocity] celerewawq*

Deception Misleading by false or untrue appearance or statement. [Modes of Communication] lewh*

Declivity Downward obliquity with respect to a base horizontal. [Obliquity] katakliv*

Decomposition Disjunction into components. [Conjunctive Quantity] ly*

Decrease Negative change in quantity. [Comparative Quantity] *

Decrement Patient of deduction. [Conjunctive Quantity] *

Deduction [Conjunctive Quantity] *

Defender Agent of defense. [Defense] aleksor*

Defense Counteraction against antagonism. [Antagonism] aleks*

Defiance Daring or bold resistance to authority or antagonism. [Responses to Antagonism] dar*

Defilement Generative of uncleanness. [Uncleanness] tamenor*

Degree Relative quantity. [Quantity] qred*

Degrees of Evidence [Materials for Reasoning] *

Degrees of Subservience [Subservience to Ends] *

Dehydration Lack or requirement of water. [Water] akwew*

Deity (General) [Superhuman Beings & Regions] de*

Dejection [Passive Affections] dol*

Delay [Lateness] mor*

Delirium Insanity marked by elevated excitation or feeling. [Insanity] wot*

Dementia Permanent or persistent insanity. [Insanity] mechuq*

Democracy Deviant governance by many. [Deviant Governance] *

Demolition [Destruction] kla*

Demon Maleficent spirit. [Superhuman Beings & Regions] daemon*

Density [Solid Matter] dens*

Departure Initial motion from. [Motion with reference to Direction] aperq*

Deposit Advance expenditure. [Expenditure] *

Depravity Inclination towards vice. [Vice] zaz*

Depression Transference downward. [Motion with reference to Direction] *

Depth Orthogonal length as measured downward from a summit. [Linear Dimensions] dub*

Deputy Agent of vicarious authority. [General Intersocial Volition] leg*

Derangement (Order) Subversion of order; bringing into disorder. [Order] tumult*

Derangement (Reason) Subversion of reason. [Insanity] tarak*

Descendant [Connaturality] trefilj*

Descent Motion downwards. [Motion with reference to Direction] kataj*

Description [Written Language] qram*

Desire [Prospective Affections] rg*

Destination Intended location of arrival. [Motion with reference to Direction] eperqanj*

Destruction Opposite of production. [Power in Operation] vast*

Desuetude State of being no longer used or practiced. [Acts of Volition] *

Deterioration [Degrees of Subservience] kawst*

Determinate Number [Number] *

Detonation [Loudness] thunar*

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