Wardrobe Store of clothing. [Clothing] vestard*

Warfare Execution of antagonism. [Antagonism] *

Warning Indication of the future or of danger. [Contingent Subservience] warn*

Warship Aquatic combatant. [Combatant] *

Wasteland [Unproductiveness] *

Wasting Disease [Disease] macer*

Watchman Agent of care about safety. [Safety] *

Water [Specific Fluids] akw*

Water in Motion [Fluids in Motion] *

Wax [Resin] waks*

Weakness Absence of strength. [Connection between Cause and Effect] fortew*

Wealth Accumulation of money or assets. [Monetary Relations] *

Weapon Instrument of antagonism. [Antagonism] belaq*

Weariness [Passive Affections] taedj*

Weather [Air] wedr*

Wedding Ceremonial initiation of marriage. [Marriage] wad*

Wedge Machine of interjacence and separation. [Machine] *

Weeping Lamentation with tears. [Lamentation] plor*

Weighing Measurement of weight. [Gravity] *

Weightlessness [Gravity] *

Welcome Extension of sociality. [Social Affections] *

West Laterality towards the sunset. [Laterality] wesper*

Whale (fig.) [Figurative Animals] kwal*

Whistle [Specific Sounds] swej**

Whiteness [Specific Light] lewk*

Whole Essive of completeness. [Concrete Quantity] hol*

Wick Conduit for fuel. [Fuel] mesk*

Widowhood End of one's marriage due to death of partner. Incidental or accidental social disjunction. [Social Affections] vidw*

Wiggle Motion back and forth. [Motion] waq*

Wild Beast [Malefactor] *

Will Faculty of volition. [Acts of Volition] wil*

Willingness Assent of will. [Acts of Volition] *

Wind Air in motion through natural or mechanical means. [Air in Motion] vent*

Wind Instruments [Musical Instruments] trump*

Windiness Marked by presence of wind. [Air in Motion] ventob*

Window Opening within a continuum. [Opening] fenestr*

Windpipe [Conduit] bronk*

Wing Instrument of navigation via air. [Navigation] pet*

Winner Recipient of approbation. [Approbation] kydend*

Winter [Annual Time] xim*

Wisdom Intelligence applied. [Intelligence] chan*

Wish [Will] *

Wit Ability to generate amusement. [Amusement] facet*

Wolf (fig.) [Figurative Animals] wulf*

Wonder [Contemplative Affections] mir*

Wood [Organic Solids] liqn*

Woodlands [Vegetable] capar*

Wool [] suf*

Word [Language] verb*

Work of Fiction [Description] fabl*

Workman Agent who works with a particular material or medium. [Agent] rk*

World Totality of existences. [Matter] *

Worm (fig.) [Figurative Animals] wyrm*

Worship [Religious Acts] latr*

Worshiper Agent of worship. [Worship] latror*

Wrapping [Covering] wrap*

Writing [Written Language] *

Written Language [Language] *

Wrong [Moral Obligations] noks*

Yawn Opening the mouth due to weariness or fatigue. [Opening] bat*

Yoga [Asceticism] joqw*

Yoke Means of restraint for subjection. [Prison] *

Youth Earliness of life. [Age] juv*

Zeal [Willingness] ernost*

Zero [Indeterminate Number] *

Zoological Container [Container] *

Zoological Covering [Covering] *

Zoological Organization [Organization] *

Zoology Science of animals. [Special Vitality] zooc*

Zygote Cell produced by the union of two gametes, before it undergoes cleavage. [Reproductive Organization] zyq*

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