(n) and (v) clarify whether the base is primarily used as a noun or a verb.
indicates that the base is the primary root for the word.

Ageism, ageist .
Agency qur* (n) Taking action.
Agenda skem*.
Agent q* (v) To act, take action; to drive, pilot, use an instrument.
Agile .
Agree harm* (n) General relation. Abstract order.
pak* (n) Commitment, contract, compact.
Aid awks* (n).
See Assist, Help.
Air ær* (n) Gas, air.
Ajar See Open.
Alcohol æþ*.
All tot* (v) Every member, every part, all content.
fra+ (mod col) A complete collection.
omn* (v) Covering everything.
pant* (v) Involving all of or the union of a specified group.
Allow lic* (n) Permission.
Ally, alliance fœd* (n) Association, particularly in antagonism.
win* (n) Concurrence.
Almond amyqdal* (n) The food.
amyqdalarb* (n) The tree.
amyqdalid* (n) The color.
Alone The base that means "alone, single, sole" is mon*. Another base, insl*, means "isolated." Use that base to mean "alone" only if one is alone because one is isolated.