(n) and (v) clarify whether the base is primarily used as a noun or a verb.
indicates that the base is the primary root for the word.

Active, activity fr* (n) Heat, warmth, activity.
Add awk* Additional, supplemental.
josep* "To add, enlarge, increase." Joseph.
See Combine, Join.
Addict, addiction .
Administer, administration See Give and derivatives of d*.
Admire aq*. Admiration, awe. Astonishment, amazement, wonderment, bewilderment.
lawd* Praise or admiration for a person.
Adolescent, adolescence efeb* (n) Adolescence.
Adult al* (n) Adult.
alir*, xxx* Adult male.
aliß**, mulj* Adult female.
ali* Adulthood.
Advice ragin*.
Advise, advisor Apply dative and generative modifications to bases for Advice or Help.
Aerate ærod* (v) To aerate.
Affirm melj* (n) Affirmation, edification.
Africa afr*.
After post* (v) Behind, in back of, after.
Against ep* (v) Near, at; on, touching, alongside.
kontr* (v) To oppose, counter, fight, battle.
nt* (v) Opposing, fighting.
Age, aging æt* (n) Age.
geront* (n) The actions and effects of aging.