(n) and (v) clarify whether the base is primarily used as a noun or a verb.
indicates that the base is the primary root for the word.

Worship latr* Worship, reverence, devotion to a particular god, person, object, or idea.
Worth aksj* Worthy.
virt* Character. Aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a particular.
Wound fendurm* The tangible result of a strike: bruise, injury, wound.
vuln* Wound, injury. Particularly one that is caused from an external source as opposed to an internal condition.
Wreath Form: See Circle.
Function: *.
Write, writing krib* Physical sense. To record, transcribe.
pw* Abstract sense. To create, compose.
Wrong ers* Error.
mal* Badness.
noks* Wrong.
See Bad.
Xenon ksen*.
Yams See Sweet Potato.
Yard qard* Area of land that is reserved for a particular purpose.
qardun* One yard.
Yellow qel* Cardinal base.
See Yellow in Color Taxonomy to explore specific shades.
Yield ced* Submission. Obedience or servitude in response to antagonism.
len* Gentle, soft, lenient, yielding, forgiving.
lind* Polite, nice, tender, soft. Pertains to people and their attitudes.
You The Hilinqwo base for "you" (second-person pronoun) is ju*. For plural "you," use either the collective form juar* or the distributive form juor*. The two possessive pronominal prefixes for "you" are tu+ (singular) and vo+ (plural).
Young juv* √ Young.
froet* Young man, young woman, lad. Title of respect for a youth.
homet* Baby or young human.
pul* Young of an animal.
See derivatives of -et*.
Ytterbium yterbjum*.
Yttrium arqofortodum*.
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