(n) and (v) clarify whether the base is primarily used as a noun or a verb.
indicates that the base is the primary root for the word.

Abbey abœk*.
Abbot ab*.
Able, ability maq* (n), fakl* (n)), tekn* (skill, technology) (n).
-ab* (n) Ability to perform the action described by the source base.
See Power.
Abort, abortion del* (v).
fetemp*, fetolv* (v) To terminate a pregnancy.
See Cancel, End, Terminate.
Absent, absence

linkw* (v) Absent, missing, departed, delinquent.
truqant* (v) Absent without permission, truant.

-ew* (n) Lack of, absence of.
sisk* (n) Absence of or decrease in flow due to a blockage.

Antonyms: see Present.

Absolute fra+ Complete(ly), total(ly), thorough(ly), absolute(ly).
Accomplish, accomplishment op* (n) Opus.
Accumulate, accumulation kumul* (v) Piled up, accumulated.
maz* (n) Mass, pile (of material), accumulation.
Ace .
Acerbic .
Ache See Pain.
Acid ac*
Acquire, acquisition -end* (v) To get, receive or acquire something (noun modified) from someone or something (direct object).
Act q* (n) Agent. (v) To act, take action; to drive, pilot, use an instrument.
þesp* (v) To perform, act. (n) Thespian, actor, actress. See Perform.
Action qur* (n).
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