adipend* v: dat pa To gain body fat.
adipod* v: dat ag To fatten.
adipolv* v: abl pa To lose body fat.
adiposult* a: ext dat Obese.
adivj* ab all loc Direction to.
adon* ess "Lord," "father," Adonai; the Greek god Adonis.
ador* m tg Cereal.
adur* ess sta Hadria, Adria, Atri.
adurezer* spec loc dis tg Adriatic Sea.
adurir* masc ess sta Hadrian, Adrian.
aduriß* fem ess sta Adrienne.
ɣæ* spec dis tg The Hilinqwo letter Ɣ.
ʃæ* spec dis tg 1. The Hilinqwo letter Ʃ.
2. The Latin letter esh (Ʃ,ʃ).
æ+ Ever.
æd* res dis tg Building, structure. A result of production.
æd* fig ess sta "Fire," Aodh, Aidan, Aiden.
æh* spec dis tg The letter ash (æ).
-æk* act dis Owner or master of the noun modified.
æk* ac To torture, punish.
ækendm* res tg Injury resulting from torture.
ækm* abs dis tg The head of a spear.
ækœk* fac dis tg Torture chamber.
æktr* loc dis tg Place where torture is administered.
ækur* act m itg Torture.
ækuraq* inst dis tg Means of torture. Scourge.