þjudes* col The (Proto-)Germanic language. [][þjud* + -es*]
þjudum* chem m tg Germanium. [Chemical Elements][þjud* + -um*]
þorak* abs dis tg Thorax. [Laterality][Latin thorax]
þorn* dis tg The letter thorn (þ). [Glyphs][Direct translation]
þrik* bio dis tg Order Trichoptera. Caddisfly. [Trichoptera][Greek θρίξ (thrix) "hair"]
þriz* ind ess sta dis tg Something that is characterized by having three of some attribute. [][Germanic *þrīz]
þromb* abs ess sta Clotted, coagulated. Specifically the container of the coagulated matter, not the coagulated matter itself. [Clot][Greek thrómbos]
þrombif* cau ac To clot, coagulate. [Clot][þromb* + f*]
þrombift* cau pa To clot, coagulate (from/by). [Clot][þromb* + ft*]
þul* abs ess sta At great distance from others. Remote, isolated, inaccessible. [Distance][Greek Thule]
þulum* chem m tg Thulium. [Chemical Elements][þul* + -um*]
þum* dis tg Thumb. [Finger][IE *teuə- > *tūm- > Germanic *thūmōn-]
þunar* act m itg Detonation. [Detonation][IE *tón-r̥- > Germanic *thunaraz.]
þunarodj* card dis itg Day of (the god of) thunder, Thursday. [][þunar* + dj*]
þunaror* gen act To thunder. [][þunar* + r*]
þunarum* chem m tg Thorium. [Chemical Elements][þunar* + -um*]
þunarumat* m tg Thoron. [Inorganic Matter][þunarum*+ -at*]
þur* inst dis tg Container of perfumery. Thurible, censer, incense burner, incensorium, incensory, sachet. [Container of Perfumery][Latin t(h)ūs/t(h)ūr-]
þuril* dis tg Hole. Particularly one that arises naturally or has a functional purpose. Nostril. [Hole][IE *terə- > *tṛ(ə)- > Germanic *thur-ila-]
þuror* gen act To punch holes. [][þur* + r*]
þuroraq* inst dis tg Holepuncher. [][þur* + raq*]
þym* dis itg Soul. Heart, breast, bosom, inner man. [Soul][Greek θυμος (thymos)]
þyn* bio dis tg Genus Thunnus. Tuna. [Thunnus][Greek thýnnos]
þyr* spec dis tg Thyroid. [Gland][IE *dhur-? > Greek]
þyrs* abs dis tg ess sta 1. Arranged with a central stalk with branches or stems sprouting forth in any direction.
2. (of zoological organization) Torso.
3. (of botanical organization) Thyrse.
4. Thyrsus. [][Greek thýrsos > Vulgar Latin *tursus]
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