þem* dis itg Subject, topic, theme.
þer* const Conditional base.
þerj* bio dis tg Subclass Theria.
þerm* ess sta m itg Temperature.
þesawr* fac dis tg Repository, storehouse, treasury, thesaurus.
þesp* gen act (v) To perform, act.
(n) Thespian, actor, actress.
þewd* .
þewk* dis tg Thigh.
þewkarþr* dis tg Joint that turns the thigh.
þipaw+ neg pn This few, this little.
þiple+ (pos sta pn) This much, this many.
þir* dem masc pn He.
þiß* dem fem pn She.
þjud* eth ess sta (Proto-)Germanic, Teutonic.
þjudanj* spec loc dis tg Germania, modern Germany.
þjudes* col The (Proto-)Germanic language.
þjudum* chem m tg Germanium.
þorak* abs dis tg Thorax.
þorn* dis tg The letter thorn (þ).
þrik* bio dis tg Order Trichoptera. Caddisfly.
þriz* ind ess sta dis tg Something that is characterized by having three of some attribute.
þromb* abs ess sta Clotted, coagulated. Specifically the container of the coagulated matter, not the coagulated matter itself.
þrombif* cau ac To clot, coagulate.
þrombift* cau pa To clot, coagulate (from/by).
þul* abs ess sta At great distance from others. Remote, isolated, inaccessible.
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