-abolv* rel abl pa To lose the ability to do the action described by the source base.
-abor* v: rel gen act To give others the ability to perform the action indicated by the base.
-abos* rel ess sta Having the ability to do the action described by the source base.
absinþ* bio dis tg Artemisia absinthium, wormwood.
absinþodr* der tg Absinthe.
-ac* (bio) (ess sta) dis tg Constructor for biological family names.
ac* tg Acid.
acet* m tg Vinegar, acetic acid.
acontent* act m itg Antacid.
acor* gen act To emit acid.
acos* rel ess sta Having acid, acidic.
acr* bio dis tg Genus Acer. Maple.
(-)ad* all At, to.
adal* subj pos rel m itg Virtue. See Probity, Repute.
adalibert* ess sta Albert, Elmer, Latin Albertum.
adalibertanj* spec loc dis tg Alberta.
adalir* n: masc ess sta dis tg Masculine short name for names beginning with or containing adal*.
adaliß* n: fem ess sta dis tg Adela, Adele, Adelaide.
adalofuns* ess sta "Noble and ready", Alfonso, Alfonse.
adalowin* ess sta "Noble friend," Æðelwine, Alvin.
adam* n: ess sta dis tg Man, human being. Adam. Particularly in the sense of being a creature of God.
adel* neg rel sta Unknown, obscure.
aden* dis tg Gland.
aderq* all ac To go to, go towards, approach.
adip* m tg Body fat.