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nbsp; IE *re-
Back, again.
Can be used as a modifier to denote the repetition of an action or the return to an earlier state.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
rehend* abs ac To reacquire, recover. Recovery
rekarnekt* dis tg Reincarnation.
relac* all act m itg Attraction back, renewed attraction. Attraction
relit* dis itg Appeal. Lawsuit
remorb* m itg Relapse. Return of disease. Relapse
repand* incr act m itg Expansion back after having contracted. Particularly over an area or through a volume. Expansion
repel* tr To drive back, repel.
rert* itr To turn back.
retern* loc Rear, background. Rear
reun* abs ess sta Reunited, reunified, together again.

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