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ne+ neg
nbsp; IE *n̥-
Forms the antonym of a positive-class element.
If the base that is being modified has a defined antonym, it is better to use the antonym base than to modify with ne+.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
neak* unb neg rel Dull.
nearist* neg rel ess sta Low-class, low-quality, cheap, base.
nearkan* pos rel Clear, lucid, perspicuous, not obscure or arcane. Perspicuity
neawk* abs ess sta Primary, required.
neawq* neg tr To shrink, decrease. Decrease
nekokw* rel Uncooked, rare, raw.
neot* m itg Adversity. Negative fortune or outcome. Adversity
nesempr* neg abs ess sta Never.
nesyl* pos act m itg Sanctuary, asylum, amnesty.

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