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1p poss
nbsp; Root: IE

First person singular possessive ("mine").

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Possessive Pronominal Prefixes

me+ 1st person singular ("my", "mine").
no+ 1st person plural ("our", "ours").

tu+ 2nd person singular ("your", "yours").
vo+ 2nd person plural ("your", "yours").

3rd person singular ("his", "hers", "its", "their(s)").
3rd person plural

Usage Examples  

  • [[li class="list-group-item"]]¬∂ Platif√¶ medonit tropoakim akaqom. Please hand me a sharper knife.[[/li]]


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
mede* "My God." Names, Titles and Greetings
meeld* (nm) "My elder." Used to address address one's elder in a respectful manner.
mekyr* "My lord." Used as a polite or respectful greeting.
mesupr* "My superior."
mewinos* "My ally."

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