An element particularly intended to be prepended onto other elements for word formation.

A prefix is a morpheme that cannot stand alone, but rather must be prepended to a base, other prefix or suffix. The new element has a meaning that is similar to the meaning of the base but influenced by the prefix.

Prefixes are used in limited cases for terms that cannot easily be made into roots. This allows them to combine with other bases by direct concatenation rather than by conjunction using the prefixial morpheme #i+. The meaning of a prefix is almost always abstract.

A prefix is represented as a series of letters terminated with a plus sign ("+"). Note that any normal base can become a prefix by attaching #i+.

Types of Prefixes

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Complete List of Prefixes

Prefix Etymology Classes Definition
æ+ IE *aiw- Ever.
ana+ Greek ana Upward.
bone+ bon* + -e+ pos rel Well.
de+ IE *dā- ab rel Away from, apart from; abnormal.
dra+ IE *dra- Ongoing, continuing.
ew+ Greek eu- ab Good, true.
fra+ IE *per- > Germanic *fra- abs 1. mod rel: Complete(ly), total(ly), thorough(ly), absolute(ly).
2. mod col: A complete collection.
fur+ IE *per- > Germanic *fur pos rel In front, ahead.
hu+ IE *ud- > Greek hu- abs Outward.
je+ IE *ye- Forward, particularly by force as opposed to by will.
jes+ IE *dʰǵʰyes- neg (The) previous, earlier.
jo+ Semitic hwy > Hebrew yo poss Of God, belonging to God.
ju+ IE *yewes- (or *yeu-) abs mod:rel Within a narrow margin; precisely or almost precisely; barely; just enough.
kata+ Greek kata Downward.
kra+ Latin crās pos (The) next, later.
kwe+ IE *kwe- And, also.
kwipaw+ kw* + paw+ inter neg sta How few, how little.
kwiple+ kw* + ple+ inter pos How much, how many.
male+ mal* + -e+ neg rel Badly.
me+ Root: IE 1p poss First person singular possessive ("mine").
mew+ IE *mew- abs Reciprocal, mutual.
mika+ Semitic my | Hebrew "Who is like," one who resembles in character or appearance, a type of.
mne+ Greek mnē- Of or pertaining to the mind or memory.
mopaw+ mo+ + paw+ neg sup Least … (among).
mople+ mo+ + ple+ pos sup Most … (among).
na+ IE *néh₂-u- const Of or pertaining to water, swimming, the sea or marine life.
naw+ IE *nāu- Of/by water or air.
ne+ IE *n̥- neg Forms the antonym of a positive-class element.
new+ IE *néw(y)os neg rel New, newly formed, newly acquired.
no+ IE *nos- 1p poss First person plural possessive ("ours").
noktobaw+ nokt* + -ob* + -aw+ abs dat During the night.
nu+ IE *nū det Now.
ol+ IE *al- > *ol- quant Excessive, unnecessary.
par+ Greek par- abs Side by side, parallel.
paw+ IE *ph₁w- subj neg rel Few, little.
pawtro+ paw+ + tro+ subj comp Somewhat …er.
per+ IE *per- Through.
ple+ IE *p(e)lə- subj pos rel Many, much, very, in abundance.
pletro+ ple+ + tro+ subj comp Much …er.
plu+ IE *p(e)lə- > *p(e)lə-u- freq To do something multiple times or repeatedly.
po+ IE *(a)po- pos Forms the antonym of a negative-class element.
por+ Latin porro pos rel Forward.
pra+ IE *per From (origin).
præ+ IE *prae- Of an earlier state.
(biological) Of a preceding stage of taxonomy.
pre+ IE *prae- Before.
pro+ Latin prō "forth" With purpose, deliberate.
qa+ IE *kom > Germanic *ga- int Intensification modifier; "very."
qe+ IE *kom > Germanic dist Distributive modifier; "each."
re+ IE *re- Back, again.
ro+ IE *per- > Celtic *ro- abs Enough.
so+ IE *s(w)e- Only, nothing but.
sta+ IE *stā- cont Still, remaining, not changing.
swo+ IE *swo- [[class:abs]]] [If modifying a relative-class element:] So.
ta+ IE *to- pn mod:rel "That."
tew+ IE *teuə- pos rel Swollen, enlarged.
þipaw+ þ* + paw+ neg pn This few, this little.
þiple+ Derivative: þ* + ple+ (pos sta pn) This much, this many.
to+ IE *to- pn mod:rel "This."
tra+ IE *trā- abs Across, through.
tre+ IE *ter- int Generalizer prefix.
tropaw+ tro+ + paw+ neg comp Less … (than).
trople+ Derivative: tro+ + ple+ pos comp More … (than).
tu+ IE *tu- 2p poss Second person singular possessive ("yours").
ve+ IE *wē > Latin vel, -ve Either, or.
vo+ IE *wos- 2p poss Second person plural possessive ("yours").
xa+ IE *ǵʰeh₂u- ess sta Open, porous.