Disesteem, disestimation; disfavor, disrepute, want of esteem, low estimation, disparagement (dispraise) [See Disapprobation], (detraction) [See Detraction]; irreverence; slight, neglect; spretæ injuria formæ [Vergil], superciliousness (contempt) [See Contempt].
indignity, vilipendency [obs.], contumely, affront, dishonor, insult, outrage, discourtesy [See Discourtesy]; practical joking; scurrility, scoffing; sibilation, hiss, hissing, hoot, irrision [rare], derision; mockery; irony (ridicule) [See Ridicule]; sarcasm.
GIBE or jibe, flout, jeer, scoff, gleek [obs.], fleer, taunt, sneer, quip, fling, twit, wipe [dial. or slang], slap in the face.