hær* Coherence Order of components.
hæroq* Executive To use/wield coherence.
hæror* Generative To produce coherence.
hæros* Essive of having. Coherent, cohesive.
hærod* Dative agent To give coherence (to).
hærend* Dative patient To receive coherence (from).
hærew* Abessive. Lack or absence of coherence.
hæremp* Ablative agent To take coherence (from).
hærolv* Ablative patient To lose coherence (to/by).
hæraq* Means
hærm* Result
hærajat* Indication
hærtr* Domain/Scope


civ* Community Coherence of similar (homogeneous) entities. Body, fellowship, solidarity; freemasonry; party spirit &c. (coöperation) [See Coöperation]; fraternity, sodality, confraternity, sorority; familistère [F.], familistery; brotherhood, sisterhood.
qlom* Conglomerate Coherence of similar (heterogeneous) entities.