pon* Place. Lieu, spot, whereabouts, point, dot, position; niche, nook (corner) [See Angularity]; hole; pigeonhole (receptacle) [See Receptacle]; compartment; confine, premises, precinct, station; area, courtyard, square, place [F.], piazza [It.], plaza [Sp.], forum [L.], agora [Gr.], hamlet, village (abode) [See Abode]; pen (inclosure) [See Inclosure]; countryside, location, site, locality (situation) [See Situation].

ponoq* Executive: To use/wield place.
ponor* Generative: To produce place.

ponos* Essive of having.
ponod* Dative agent: To give (a) place (to).
ponend* Dative patient: To be placed (from).

ponew* Abessive.
ponemp* Ablative agent: To take (the) place (from), displace, dislocate.
ponolv* Ablative patient: To become displaced (to/by).