Indicative Prefixes

to+ This.
ta+ That.

Possessive Pronominal Prefixes

me+ 1st person singular ("my", "mine").
no+ 1st person plural ("our", "ours").

tu+ 2nd person singular ("your", "yours").
vo+ 2nd person plural ("your", "yours").

3rd person singular ("his", "hers", "its", "their(s)").
3rd person plural

Prefixes that Denote Direction

+ Inward.
hu+ Outward

ana+ Up.
kata+ Down.

pra+ From (origin).
To (destination).

fur+ In front, ahead
+ Behind.

de+ Away from, apart from.

Prefixes that Modify Actions

dra+ Continuation of action; action that is ongoing.
plu+ Frequentative of action; action that occurs frequently.
re+ Repetition of action.
ro+ Enough.
sta+ Continuity of action or state.
so+ Only, just, nothing but.

Prefixes that Modify Relative Bases

tropaw+ Less … (than).
trople+ More … (than).

mopaw+ Least … (among).
mople+ Most … (among).

fra+ Completely … .
ro+ … Enough.
ju+ Within a narrow margin; precisely or almost precisely; barely; just enough.
swo+ So … .