In One Dimension

keq* Hook.

In Two Dimensions

sagit* Arrow.
blad* Blade, narrow leaf.
kwekl* Circle.
astr* Starshape.

n-Gons: multiqon*, treiqon*, kwatriqon*, etc.

In Three Dimensions

kon* Cone.
kylind* Cylinder.
disk* Disk.
pimar* Pyramid.
tæn* Ribbon.
bak* Rod.
orb* Sphere.
rok* Spindle, distaff.
helik* Spiral.
kamin* Tube.

n-Hedrons: multedr*, kwatredr*, penkwedr*, etc.


(superficial form inward)
(superficial form outward)
Base and its Derivatives
Base kav* mont*
Essive noun kavos* montos*
Generative noun kavor* montor*
Dative agent kavod* montod*
Dative patient kavend* montend*
Qualitative Bases
Small. den* Valley. berq* Hill.
Great. * Abyss, gorge alp* Mountain.
Narrow. Pit. spik* Spike.
In a surface, line striq* Furrow, trench, ditch. mur* Ridge, wall, levee.
Of land.