Imperturbability, inirritability; even temper, tranquil mind, dispassion; toleration, tolerance, patience.
Calmness, composure, placidity, indisturbance, imperturbation, sang-froid [F.], coolness, tranquillity, serenity; quiet, quietude; peace of mind, mental calmness.
Equanimity, poise; staidness &c. adj.; gravity, sobriety, quietism, Quakerism; philosophy, stoicism, command of temper; self-possession, self-control, self-command, self-restraint; presence of mind.
Resignation, submission; sufferance, supportance, endurance, longsufferance, forbearance, longanimity, fortitude; moderation; repression -, subjugation- of feeling; restraint.
Tranquillization (moderation).