Curse, hereditary evil, thorn in the flesh; bĂȘte noir [F.], bugbear; evil [See Evil]; hurtfulness (badness) [See Badness]; painfulness (cause of pain) [See Painfulness]; scourge (punishment) [See Scourge]; damnosa hereditas [L.]; white elephant.
rust, worm, helminth, moth, fungus, mildew; dry rot; canker, cankerworm; cancer; viper (evildoer) [See Evildoer]; demon [See Evil Spirits].
STING, fang, thorn, tang [dial. Eng.], bramble, brier or br ar, nettle.

POISON, leaven, virus, venom; arsenic, Prussic acid, antimony, tartar emetic, strychnine, tannin or tannic acid, nicotine; miasma or miasm, effluvium, mephitis, stench; fetor [See Fetor]; malaria; pest.
toxicant, intoxicant, deliriant, delirifacient, hemlock, hellebore, nightshade, deadly nightshade, belladonna, henbane, aconite; banewort, opium, bhang [India], ganja [India], hemp, cannabin, hashish; Upas tree.

[SCIENCE OF POISONS] toxicology.