REASONING; ratiocination, rationalism; dialectics, dialecticism, induction, generalization.
DISCUSSION, comment; ventilation; inquiry [See Inquiry].
ARGUMENTATION, controversy, debate; polemics, wrangling; contention [See Contention]; logomachy, disputation, disceptation [archaic]; paper war.
LOGIC, art of reasoning.
deduction, induction; synthesis, analysis.
argument; case, plea, plaidoyer [F.], opening; premise or premiss; lemma, proposition, terms, premises; postulate, data, starting point, principle; inference (judgment) [See Judgment].
prosyllogism, syllogism; enthymeme, sorites, dilemma, a fortiori reasoning, a priori reasoning, reductio ad absurdum [L.], horns of a dilemma, argumentum ad hominem [L.], comprehensive argument; empirema, epagoge.
ARGUMENTS, reasons.
REASONER, logician, dialectician; disputant; controversialist, controvertist; wrangler, arguer, debater, polemic, casuist, rationalist; scientist; eristic.