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Element Class(es) Etymology Gloss/Clarification Taxonomy
abj* bio dis tg IE *h₂eps-eh₂- "aspen" > Latin abiēs Genus Abies. Fir. Abies
ac* tg IE *ak- > *ak-ē- > Latin acēre Acid. Acid
-ac* (bio) (ess sta) dis tg Latin -āceus "of a certain kind" Constructor for biological family names.
acr* bio dis tg Latin acer Genus Acer. Maple. Acer
adip* m tg Latin adeps/adip- Body fat. Lipid
ador* m tg IE *h₂éd-es- > Latin ador Cereal. Food
æd* res dis tg Latin ædis Building, structure. A result of production. Structure (Production)
ækw* abs ess sta Latin æquus Equal. Equality
-ækw* abs ess sta Latin æquus Equal according to some measurement.
æml* ag dis tg IE *h₂eym- > Latin æmulus Rival, opponent. Opponent
æmol* act m itg IE *aim-olo- > Latin aemulus Emulation, striving to equality.
æst* m itg Latin æstus Summer, summertime. Summer
afr* eth Latin Afer Africa. Africa
-aks* rel Latin -ax/-ox Intensifier suffix connoting eagerness, incessance or inability to control. Eagerness
aksil* dis tg IE *aks- > *aks-lā > Latin axilla Concavity at the junction of two bones. Armpit. Zoological Organization
akwil* bio dis tg Latin aquilla Family Accipitridae. Eagle, hawk. Accipitridae
-al* 1. rel ess sta
2. abs ess sta
Latin? 1. According to, in agreement with.
2. If modifying a chronological base: Occurring every.
alakr* m itg Latin alacer Liveliness, eagerness, excitement, alacrity.
alb* rel ess sta IE *h₂elbʰó- (v) Pale.
- a. (of living creatures) Light-skinned, ghostly, albino.
- b. (of colors) Pale, unsaturated.
(n) Elf, or other creature that tends to have those characteristics. Does not refer to a specific color.
alj* m tg Latin alium Garlic. Foods
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