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Hilinqwo Elements

Element Class(es) Etymology Gloss/Clarification Taxonomy
bonq* eth ess sta Proto-Dravidian Bong Bengali. Asia
budh* abs ess sta m itg Pali budh Spiritual enlightenment, clarity or knowledge. Religious Affections
cin* spec loc dis tg Direct China. Asia
gudow* act m itg Direct translation Judo.
hind* spec loc dis tg Hindi Hindi India. India
hmonq* eth ess sta Direct translation Hmong. Asia
kalikut* spec loc dis tg Direct Calicut, India. India
mandarin* eth ess sta Direct Translation Mandarin. Asia
qolkond* spec loc dis tg Direct Golconda, India. Asia
qorj* spec loc dis tg Goryeo, the ancient name of Korea. The Korean Peninsula. Asia
soj* bio dis tg Japanese soyu Subgenus Soya. Soya
suʃ* m tg Direct Translation Sushi. Foods
taj* eth ess sta Direct Thai. Asia
tajwan* spec loc dis tg Direct Taiwan. Asia
taqaloq* eth ess sta Direct Tagalog. Asia
tej* m tg Direct translation Tea. Beverage
tsuqah* bio dis tg Japanese Genus Tsuga. Tsuga
vjet* eth ess sta Direct Viet, Vietnamese. Asia

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