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Hilinqwo Elements

Element Class(es) Etymology Gloss/Clarification Taxonomy
brik* spec loc dis tg Direct Brix, France.
iran* spec loc dis tg Direct Iran. Middle East
jabir* bio dis tg Direct Genus Jabiru. Jabiru
jaqwar* bio dis tg Direct (Tupi) Species Panthera onca. Jaguar. Panthera onca
kanton* eth ess sta Direct Cantonese. Asia
katursj* spec loc dis tg Direct translation Catursiānī district in Dauphiné. Gallia, France
qulabern* dis tg Dharug gula + bern* Koala. Marsupialia
kordob* spec loc dis tg Direct Cordoba, Spain. Europe
maqnol* Direct Magnol. Names, Titles and Greetings
qadolin* Direct Gadolin. Names, Titles and Greetings
rif* spec loc dis tg Direct Rif. Morocco
skombr* bio dis tg Direct Genus Scomber. Scomber
sulf* chem m tg Direct Sulfur. Chemical Elements
tekwil* spec loc dis tg Direct Tequila, Mexico. Mexico
terb* chem m tg Direct Terbium. Chemical Elements
tomat* dis tg Nahuatl Tomato. Vegetables
uzbek* eth ess sta Direct Uzbek, of/from Uzbekistan. Europe
wasin* ess sta dis tg Direct translation Washington. Names, Titles and Greetings

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