Indo-European Words: To perceive, watch out for.

  1. Suffixed form *wor-o-. Germanic *waraz.
    • Old English wær, watchful. wary.
    • Old English gewær, aware (ge-, collective and intensive prefix). aware.
    • Old English warian, to beware. ware2.
  2. Suffixed form wor-to-. Germanic *wardaz, guard, and *wardōn, to guard. ward*
  3. Germanic *warō. Old English waru, goods, protection, guard. ware1.
  4. Suffixed form *wor-wo-. Greek ouros, a guard. Arcturus, pylorus.
  5. Probably variant *(s)wor-, *s(w)or-. Greek horān, to see. ephor, panorama.
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