Indo-European Words: To settle, dwell, be home.

  1. Suffixed o-grade form *(t)koi-mo-. Germanic *haimaz, home. ham*
    • Old English hām, home.
    • Old Norse heimr, home. Niflheim
    • Old High German heim, home.
    • Middle Dutch hame, hame (< "covering").
    • Old French ham, village, home. hamlet
    • Germanic *haimatjan, to go or bring home. Old French hanter, to frequent, haunt.
    • Germanic *haimgardaz. Old French hangard, shelter. hangar.
  2. Zero-grade form *tki-.
    • Greek ktizein, to found, settle, from metathesized *kti-.
    • Probably Italic *si-. Latin situs, location. sit*

See sed*, ik*, bu*.

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