Indo-European Words: To release, let go; (in the middle voice) to be released, go.

  1. Germanic variant form *gaian. go
  2. Suffixed form *ghē-ro-. Latin hērēs, heir (? < "orphan" < "bereft"). heir, heredity, heritage, inherit
  3. Possibly suffixed o-grade form *ghō-ro-, "empty space."
    • Greek khōros, place, country, particular spot.
    • Greek khōris, khōri, apart, separate.
  4. Possible suffixed zero-grade form *ghə-t(w)ā-. Germanic *gatwōn-, a going.
    • Old Norse gata, path, street. gait
    • Old Swedish gata, lane.
  5. Suffixed zero-grade form *ghə-no-. Reduplicated forms *ghe-ghē-ti, *ghe-gheə-ti. Sanskrit jahāti, he leaves, lets go. Sanskrit hīna-, inferior.
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