Indo-European Words: To go.

  1. Full-grade form *ei-.
    • Latin īre, to go.
    • Greek ienai, to go. ion
    • Sanskrit eti, he goes (< Indo-Iranian *ai-ti), and abstract noun ayanam, a going, way. Ramayana
  2. Suffixed zero-grade form *i-t-. t*
    • Further suffixed form *i-t-yo-. Latin initium, entrance, beginning.
    • Latin comes (stem comit-), companion (< "one who goes with another"). count, county; concomitant, constable, viscount
  3. Suffixed form *i-ter. Latin iter, journey.
  4. Extended form *yā-.
    • Suffixed form *yā-no-. Latin iānus, archway, and Iānus, god of doors and of the beginning of a year. jan*
    • Suffixed form *yā-nu-. Sanskrit yānam, way (in Buddhism, "mode of knowledge," "vehicle"). Hinayana, Mahayana
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