Indo-European Words: To bind.

  1. Germanic *bindan. bind. bind*
  2. Sanskrit bandhati, he ties. bandanna.
  3. O-grade form *bhondh-. Germanic *band-. band*
    • Old English bend, band, and Old French bende, band. bend (2), ribbon.
    • Old English bendan, to bend. bend (1)
    • Old Norse band, band, fetter. band, bond.
    • Old High German band, band. gum band.
    • Old French bande, bond, tie, link. band.
  4. Suffixed form *bhond-o-. Old Iranian banda-, bond, fetter. bund, cummerbund. bund*
  5. Zero-grade form *bhņdh-. Germanic *bund-. bynd*
    • Middle High German bunt, league. bund.
    • Middle Dutch bondel, sheaf of papers, bundle.
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