Abbr. Name Definition Status Taxonomy
recip Reciprocal Group Indicates an action in which an agent acts on a patient, and there is expectation that the patient acts on the agent. ACTIVE Transitivity Supergroup
refl Reflexive Group Indicates an action in which the agent is also the patient. ACTIVE Transitivity Supergroup
rel Relative Group Indicates concepts for which comparison is valid and meaningful. ACTIVE Comparison Supergroup
res Resultative Group Denotes the result or product of an action. ACTIVE Agency Supergroup
sci Scientific Group POTENTIAL Technical Supergroup
2p Second-Person Group Denotes the addressee in an event or situation ACTIVE Personal Supergroup
sel Selective Group Indicates one item selected out of a group or collection of like items. POTENTIAL Specificity Supergroup
s Semantic Group Indicates a semantic detail that isn't covered by any other semantic class. POTENTIAL
spec Specific Group Contains elements in specificities other than any other specificity group. ACTIVE Specificity Supergroup
st State Class DEPRECATED
sta Stative Group Indicates states of being. ACTIVE Functional Supergroup
subj Subjective Group Subject to personal opinion, attitude, or mood. ACTIVE Semantic Supergroup
sup Superlative Group Indicates the highest degree of the comparison of adjectives and adverbs. ACTIVE Comparison Supergroup
tg Tangible Group Material, substantive, capable of being touched. ACTIVE
tax Taxonomic Group Contains elements for specific classifications within a taxonomy or hierarchy that is not covered by another taxonomic group. DEPRECATED Taxonomic Supergroup
tech Technical Group ACTIVE Technical Supergroup
term Terminal Group Denotes the end of an action, event or state. ACTIVE Continuity Supergroup
3p Third-Person Group Denotes a third party or participant in an event or situation. ACTIVE Personal Supergroup
tr Transitive Class Denotes performing an action that has a direct object. DEPRECATED Vocal Supergroup
3v Trivalent Group Elements that take three arguments (subject, direct object and indirect object). ACTIVE Valency Supergroup