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Language Indo-European Meaning Wet.


Element Definition
Indo-European *ud-ro- Otter.
wódr̥ Water (particularly still/inanimate water).

Hilinqwo Derivatives

Element Etymology Class(es) Gloss
lutr* IE *wed- > Latin lutra bio dis tg Genus Lutra.
od* IE *wed- dis itg Song, poem, psalm.
-odr* IE wódr̥ tg > der tg Constructor for a base denoting a liquid that is derived from the object or substance described by the source base.
-ud* IE *wed- dis tg Constructs a base for an aquatic animal.
udr* IE *wed- > *ud-ro- bio dis tg Subfamily Lutrinae.
udsk* IE *wed- > *ud-skio- > Irish m tg Whiskey.
und* IE *u-n-d-ā- act m itg Oscillation, waving.
vod* IE *wed- m tg Vodka.
wed* IE *wed- min rel Wet, moist.
wodr* IE *weh-? > *wed- > wódr̥ fig m tg ess sta "Water."

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