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Language Meaning To turn.


Element Definition
Indo-European *kʷékʷlo- Wheel.
Indo-European *kʷol- To turn.

Hilinqwo Derivatives

Element Etymology Class(es) Gloss
kult* IE *kʷel- > Latin colere "to till, cultivate, inhabit" > colony, cult, cultivate, culture. .
kwekl* IE *kʷékʷlo- geom Circle.
kwols* IE *kʷol- > *kʷol-so "that on which the head turns," neck. m tg Muscles of the neck.
palin* IE *kʷol- > *kwļə-i- > Greek palin dis Palindrome.
pol* IE *kwel- > *kʷol- » *kʷol-o- > Greek polos dis tg Pole, axis of a sphere.
telor* IE *kʷel- > *kʷel-es- > Greek telos, "completion of a cycle," consummation, perfection, end, result. .

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