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Language Meaning To give birth, beget.


Element Definition
Indo-European *gṇə- To give birth, beget.

Hilinqwo Derivatives

Element Etymology Class(es) Gloss
gen* IE *genh₁- fam ag To produce, generate.
gendr* IE *genh₁- > Latin gener- > French? dis itg Gender.
genj* IE *genh₁- > *gen-yo- > Latin genium ess sta m itg Genius, talent.
gent* IE *genh₁- > *gṇə- > *gṇ-ti- > Latin gens/genti- "race, clan"
genw* IE *genh₁- > *genə-wo- rel ess sta m itg Veracity.
germen* IE *genh₁- > *gen(ə)-men- > Latin germen ess sta dis tg Rudiment.
kenþ* IE *genh₁- > *gṇh₁- > *gṇh₁-t- > Germanic *kentham fig sta "Child," childlike.
kind* IE *genh₁- > *gṇə- > *gṇə-t- > Germanic *kentham > Old High German kind "child." .
nask* IE *genh₁- > *gnā-sko- > Latin gnāscī > nāscī abs ac To give birth (to).
nat* IE *genh₁- > *gnā-sko- > Latin gnātus > nātus abs pa Born (to, in).

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