Element Etymology Class(es) Definition Taxonomy
adam* Semitic ʔdm n: ess sta dis tg Man, human being. Adam. Person
-amos* Semitic ʕms fig abs pa "Carried, raised, established."
bert* IE *bher- > *bherəg- fig rel ess sta Bright, shining; light-colored. Specific Light
beryl* Greek bērullos tg Beryl. Solid Matter
bind* IE *bhendh- dis tg A bundle of two or more separate items bound together. Assemblage
blank* IE *bhel- > Germanic *blenk-, *blank- abs ess sta Uncolored, discolored, blank. Achromatism
david* Semitic dwd fig pa ess sta "Beloved," David. Names, Titles and Greetings
deform* de+ + form* ess sta m itg Deformity, abnormal form.
form* IE? > Latin forma dis itg Form. Form
fred* IE *pray- > Germanic fred pos act m itg Friendship, peace, cooperation. Friendship
hart* IE *ḱer- > *keru- > *keru-do- > Germanic dis tg Deer. Cervidae
herb* IE dis tg Grass, herb, weed. Vegetable
lamb* Latin lambere m tg Flicker, soft glow. Light
son* IE *swen- m tg Sound, sound waves. Sound
span* IE *spen- > Germanic *spanno- dis itg Distance, span. Distance
stan* Latin stannum chem m tg Tin. Chemical Elements
test* Latin testa dis tg Shell. Shell
titan* tit* + -an* Titian. Names, Titles and Greetings
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