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The Hilinqwo base for "you" (second-person pronoun) is ju*. For plural "you," use either the collective form juar* or the distributive form juor*. The two possessive pronominal prefixes for "you" are tu+ (singular) and vo+ (plural).

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Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:ju|ju*]]]** Second-person personal pronoun. You.
**[[[prefix:tu|tu+]]]** Second person singular possessive ("yours").
**[[[prefix:vo|vo+]]]** Second person plural possessive ("yours").
**[[[base:vos|vos*]]]** Second-person plural personal pronoun: you.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
ju* 2p pn Second-person personal pronoun.
tu+ 2p poss Second person singular possessive ("yours"). Pronouns
vo+ 2p poss Second person plural possessive ("yours"). Pronouns
vos* 2p pn Second-person plural personal pronoun: you. Second Person