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krib* Physical sense. To record, transcribe.
pw* Abstract sense. To create, compose.

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**[[[base:krib|krib*]]]** (v) To write.
(n) Writer, author, recorder, record-keeper.
**[[[base:pw|pw*]]]** To create, compose, write. (n) Composer, writer, author, poet, bard.
journalist, publicist, writer for -, gentleman of -, representative of- the press; reporter, correspondent; war -, special- correspondent; knight of the -plume, - pen, - quill [all humorous]; penny-a-liner; editor, subeditor, reviser, diaskeuast; scribe [See Writing]; playwright [See The Drama]; poet [See Poetry].

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
krib* tr (v) To write.
(n) Writer, author, recorder, record-keeper.
pw* const act dis tg To create, compose, write.