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alt* 1. High. 2. Up.
ana+ Upward.
anaj* Ascent. Movement upward.
tol* Elevation. Transference upward.

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Hilinqwo Elements

**[[[base:alt|alt*]]]** 1. High.
2. Up.
**[[[prefix:ana|ana+]]]** Upward.
**[[[base:anaj|anaj*]]]** Ascent. Movement upward.
**[[[base:tol|tol*]]]** Elevation. Transference upward. Raising &c. v.; erection, lift; sublevation, upheaval; sublimation, exaltation.
LEVER (inst); crane, derrick, windlass, capstan, winch; dredge, dredger, dredging machine.
ELEVATOR, ascenseur [F.], lift [chiefly Eng.], dumb-waiter, escalator.

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Element Class(es) Definition Taxonomy Notes
alt* 1. subj unb pos rel
2. card loc
1. High.
2. Up.
ana+ Upward.
anaj* act m itg Ascent. Ascent Movement upward.
tol* phys act m itg Elevation. Elevation Transference upward.